New Formula One Energy System Has Shocking Results

Johnq SmithyCorrespondent IJuly 22, 2008

The FIA's introduction of the Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS), is not going as smoothly as expected.

A BMW mechanic received an electric shock during testing in Jerez, Spain, earlier today. The mechanic only suffred an injury to his left arm.  The KERS system, which is basically a new boost system powered by heat, will be introduced to Formula 1 in the 2009 season, but there are still some bugs to work out. Big bugs.

The incident at Jerez isn't the only problem teams have had. Red Bull Racing last week had to evacuate part of their faclitiy after a battery test of the KERS system went horribly wrong.

The teams are now very concerned about introducing the KERS system with all the issuses that have devleoped.  Toyota team boss John Howett spoke to in Hockenheim about the issues.

"I think all of these issues have been on the table from the beginning. So you have voltage issues, you have the battery issues; you have the cost of registering the batteries to transport them. People who use high-speed rotating flywheels have also got issues there.

"The perception of KERS is very simple, but the execution is incredibly difficult and the road car applications are completely different from a race car. Whereas the motor, the control unit, the battery, and the basic concept is similar, the actual sophistication and needs of a road car are completely different from what we are having to develop in Formula One. So there is a big difference."

Lets just hope that these problems get fixed before somebody becomes a roast duck.

BMW Mechanic Escapes KERS Scare []