Randy Orton: Anti-Hero

John GarzaContributor IJune 2, 2010

HOLLYWOOD - AUGUST 21:  Wrestler Randy Orton arrives at the WWE's SummerSlam Kickoff Party at H-Wood Club on August 21, 2009 in Hollywood, California.  (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images


Well. Its been two months since my "Debut" and,Sounding conceited,I have to say I think i've made an impact since then. Thanks for over Six thousand reads and the help i've gotten. Heres to two more months,>:)!

Welcome to my Thirtieth article,Randy orton:Anti-hero.

Many think that he is the epitomy of perfection,others think hes a coward and sucks.

I have to go with the group on this matter. 

He is an "Anti-hero". That means He acts like a bad guy but is actualy a good guy. This is the best example of what he is. He is the cooler,much more badass counterpart to Cenas Superman.

His character is that of a psychopath that will decimate whoever gets in his way. But he does it for the fans.

His mic. skills are fantastic. His promos are very memorable and im sure you know what that means.

Eight years...So many moments...

I think we have to thank the unretireable Ric flair, The kitty-cat batista (HA,HA!Get it?), and Sr. Ass-kiss himself,HHH. If it werent for them ,He wouldnt be as known as he is currently. Thank,You are the summer of my discontent (I think thats how it goes.)

Now people are wondering if they'll screw him up or use him to the fullest of his potential.

Look,Heres the worst and best-case scenarios.

Worst-Case Scenario: He becomes divas champion when its revealed hes the trannie granddaughter of the gobbledy gooker.

Best-case scenario: He becomes the face of the WWE, WWe champion, and is inducted into the hall of fame two years before he retires.

Knowing Vince ru-Mcmahon, it can go either way.


Hes pushed the future stars and makes sure the past looks good. Jack swagger, Ted dibiase JR., etc.. He is a very dedicated worker,a great wretler to an extent, and overall his only flaw is Cena gets jealous that he doesn't get as many bad comments.

Thats my opinion,Whats yours? IS he the epitomy of perfection or is he just some talentless hack?

All comments accepted.