"Tea Party Or Tyranny?"

Robert McGlincheyContributor IJune 6, 2010

Game one.

Ah Los Angeles.The City of Marxism and extreme socialism. The city that hates freedom and loves tyranny.

 A city that follow's Kobe's every move. Kobe is Los Angeles.

If you look up Los Angeles in the dictionary it says, "See Kobe!" Yes there is a Korean version too.

The Laker faithful(as long as they win) have already planned a victory parade after game one. Of course the city of Los Angeles has no money to pay for one.

Maybe the local High School will help.

Laker Fans(since they have been winning) are already surfing the net for "World Champs 2010" hats.

The Lakers played extremely well in game one. They pounded the Celtics into oblivion.

The Staples Center other wise known as the "Los Angeles Public Library", was anemic in it's support. It appeared even the rats the roam around Staples Center had more enthusiasm than the fans.

The Celtics didn't have over to come the crowd, they had to over come Kobe. And they didn't. It appears the Celtics forgot to eat their "Lucky Charms!"

Game Two.

Boston should wake up from it's viagra over dose and beat the Lakers on Sunday.