Open Mic: Please Brett Favre, Please

Matt Clouden@@mattcloudenCorrespondent IJune 2, 2016

Let me just preface this by saying that Brett Favre has been my idol since I was about three years old. My uncle was cleaning out his card collection one day and on the floor was a card that caught my then-wandering eye. My uncle graciously allowed me to keep the card ("Brett Favre buddy? That one is all yours.") and my love for the man has not ceased to this day.

The funny thing is how that card has foreshadowed the current page in my idol's story. I always thought it was a lot of things (including weird and humorous) that the card I received from my uncle had Brett dropping back in an Atlanta Falcons uniform. That was the only picture I have ever seen of him in another uniform besides the green and gold.

But now I may have the unfortunate ability to see him suiting up in another jersey for at least an entire season, and that may become even more horrifying if the rumors of a Minnesota relationship come to fruition. And yes, I am biased; I may not be able to watch football this year if Brett is playing for the Vikings, the Bears, the Redskins, or the Dolphins, but I also truly believe that when he hung them up in March he did the right thing.

The man needs to stay retired. That is something I never thought I'd say, but I did, and it's the truth. Yes, he had a storybook season last year and the three-year-old in me could not have been more excited. Packers football was relevant again, and more importantly, so was my boy.

I was laughed at when I picked him as my fantasy quarterback (as I do every year), but they weren't laughing after a few weeks. The man put up ridiculous numbers as a 37-year-old, numbers the likes of Manning and Brady may only dream of being able to accomplish at the same age.

He carried the team at times, especially before Ryan Grant magically appeared about halfway through the season, and he didn't make the mistakes that he had made the years before in the same situation. Yet despite all that, despite all the glee and giddiness that "Number Four" brought me, he still showed he was 37 years old.

That Dallas game was painful; downright torturous to watch. I'll be the first to admit I screamed at the TV for hours when Justin Harrell was picked and not Brady Quinn in last year's draft. I thought Rodgers was a bum, and that there was no chance that he could lead the Pack out of the locker room let alone on the field. I was wrong.

Then the NFC Championship was worse because let's face it, there was a hell of a lot more on the line. I gave myself an ulcer watching Brett revert to the same things that got him in trouble years past: forcing balls in coverage and throwing nonsensical long balls, among others.

Do I think Aaron Rodgers would have won the Packers the game? No. The Giants defense was on a mission, and that was to get another crack at Tom Brady and Co., yet the fact that Brett just didn't show up in the biggest game he had played in almost 10 years troubled me deeply.

That is why he just needs to walk away with his head held high. The Michael Jordan's of the world are few and far between. Roger Clemens seems to be one of the only recent retirement renege that had any sort of success, but that's what steroids will do for you. Sometimes walking away when you're on top in the eyes of everyone, even when you're not actually "on top," is OK too. Please Brett. Please.