Viewer Choice Raw: Epic Fail---Was Anyone Entertained

Broderick CollinsContributor IJune 7, 2010

LAS VEGAS - AUGUST 24:  An Elvis Presley impersonator sings to World Wrestling Entertainment Inc. Chairman Vince McMahon during his 64th birthday celebration in the ring during the WWE Monday Night Raw show at the Thomas & Mack Center August 24, 2009 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
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I will say I was thoroughly entertained by the end of RAW, it left me wondering why?  It reminded me of a young NWO or another faction with that shock and awe factor.  But everything else leading up to that moment disappointed me and that is what this article is referring to. Because IMO we watch wrestling to be entertained most of the time not for five minutes at the end...Thanks for reading!!!!

Lets get right to it Bleaches,

Last nights Monday Night Raw was dubbed "Viewers Choice", and through promos, it seemed like it was going to top last weeks entertaining Raw (in my opinion).  Instead we got a show that was fairly based on real votes, but was only a step above the "reality" shown on NXT.  As I was watching it there was a place where I thought, "this is getting past boring, they are just insulting us at this point".   

Of the many things flawed with this Raw there were three main points that must be hit.

Guest Hosts/Corny Bits

First off, the guest host segments were bad.  And again, I won't waste much time saying this, the guest host needs to be dropped.  The only way we should have a guest host is if their main point is to entertain the fans via wrestling/wrestling related stuff, not to plug their movies.  As well there were several very corny segments, the one sticking out to me is Santino and Kozlov's "Dance-Off".  While the segment was a bit entertaining it did not deserve a vote and also did not need to be on Raw, because there was no wrestling or storyline involved.  It did show us how athletic and well Kozlov can move, but I would rather see that in a match of true meaning.

No Real Viewers Choice

The second idea I wanted to bring up was that their was no real viewers choices.  For instance, the first match was not even given to the WWE Universe to vote on.  And also, we were given bogus choices like a sit-up contest, debate or a one-armed match between Orton and Edge.  Well was that really a choice, hell no, we were set up to only choose that match.  

Skewing The Audience

My next point, flows right from the last one.  For instance, I would have loved to see Bourne against Sheamus.  But instead they gave a segment, seconds prior to the match, showing Sheamus and Kane going at it backstage.  And as they went to commercial we hear King say "oh Kane" as they flash up the potential opponents.  This to me is unfair, because it makes the audience skewed to see Kane against Sheamus.  We were just WWE's puppet, as opposed to them just asking without that segment...then we would probably get Bourne against Sheamus (or Kane, but at least then it is not skewed).  Also, we had Big Show against Jericho, and the choice obviously led to a body slam challenge.  And do not forget about Drew McIntyre against Goldust, Tatsu, or the "mystery" opponent, whom acts just like Matt Hardy when shown via shadow. These three instances just left me saying "WHY CALL IT VIEWERS CHOICE"!?  It is like when you are having something sold to you and the seller gives you three options, but obviously puts a positive spin on only one of the options.  Even if you try to think hard about picking the other two, you are skewed to pick the positively advertised option.

On a side note there were a few other places in the show that bothered me.  One of them was the later segment in the show with "A-Team" and Dibiase where the gas masks were used, it was so corny I felt wrong even watching it.  Also, I did not get why we had to see EVERY replay, of EVERY match.  They have never done that before but I guess it made sense to do it on the 3 hour show!? The other part was I could not understand why Raw was made 3 hours long?  It was not like we got anything special out of it as fans, except more commercials.  Was it just me or did it seem like commercials were more frequent and longer?  As a WWE fan, I felt extremely cheated and angry throughout the show.

Raw was very good a week ago, with a main-event to remember.  What do you guys think happened to this weeks RAW? Did you feel slighted, annoyed or angered?  As well, I hope I did not skew your thoughts like RAW tried to do, because if you loved RAW let me know too, comment away!  Take it easy.

Keeping It Real,