Raw Viewer's Choice Blog: NXT Invasion, Legends and Rampage

Adrian StaehleSenior Analyst IJune 8, 2010

My Blog was for Raw's Viewer's Choice that surely almost disappoint until the end of the night. 

My Blog is Central Time; PM, because I am From Destrehan, Louisiana.

7:05-Orton vs. Edge in a ladder match would be nice if Orton didn't have a hurt arm.

7:06-What kind of choice is a Debate, Sit-Up or a one-on-one match with their arm tied behind the back.

Side Note-7:07-It sounds like a good idea now.

7:12-Big Show vs. Chris Jericho in a Body Slam Contest. That's a no brainier.

7:18-Well 3 for 3 for Big Show to start off the night.

7:24-I am voting for Khali and Hornswoggle.

7:27-Khali and Horny are the most underrated team in the WWE today.

7:28-Scratch That.

7:29-Hart Dynasty wins, but Uso's will be in for the Unified Tag team Championships at Fatal 4 Way.

7:30-Have a funny feeling Lawler is up to something.

7:31-Would love to see a Kane vs. Taker rivalry that ends with four words: Hell in a Cell.

7:37-Rampage Jackson. I Think Ted DiBiase has something to do with the crown.

7:39-Santino Marella vs. Vladimir Kozlov. I voted dance off.

Side Note-7:44-Comedic tag teams are horrible. I'm three for three tonight.

7:45-Nice Ballerina/Workout/Carlton/Running Man/Snake and Twirling dance.


7:48-Kozlov + Dancing + Funny = Greatest Dance Ever.

7:49-Puppies. I Voted for the Battle Royal.

7:55-Four for Four. The more puppies the merrier. My money is on Kelly Kelly.

7:56-There goes my hometown girl Tiffany, from New Orleans, Louisiana.

7:57-My pick is gone. :(. No More Kelly Kelly.

7:58-Maryse might win this.

7:59-Maryse is going to win.

8:00-Hour One was OK, funny but below average.

8:02-Orton is going to win. Kane is moving up the ladder and has the sick sadistic side back.

8:04-I'm voting for Kane and him getting the win. but Evan Bourne might win the vote.

Side Note-8:05-Kane and Evan Bourne are getting a much needed and deserved pushes.

8:06-If Evan wins I'm predicting Evan winning and Kane coming out after the match to hit a choke-slam.

8:08-The Palest WWE Champion in history makes his way to the ring.

8:09-It's between Kane and Evan hopes it a tie to make it a Triple Threat Match.

8:10-Five for Five. WOW. Kane is going to pick up the victory. 

8:11-Upset that Evan not getting a match tonight.

8:18-Third time's a charm, Choke-Slam. A win is a win even by count out. Kane looking good as his push continues.

8:21-I am going to vote for Rey Mysterio for that match against Cena.

8:23-Kunggggg Fuuuuuu Nakiiii..........Sorry got that song stuck in my head.

8:25-Wade Barrett is going to be a star in the WWE. My money is on Kaval or Alex Riley winning season two of N-X-T. Barrett is good on the mic.

8:27-Rampage.....I mean B.A. and Murdock. Rampage should knock out Virgil.

8:28-I knew Ted had something to do with it.....IRS.

8:29-I'm voting for Christian and Dolph Ziggler.

8:36- Shocked a little on the pick for R-Truth, but it makes sense with Miz an Morrison. No MVP in his hometown and no Christian who is pretty popular in the WWE. 

8:37-Miz and Morrison are a rivalry that has been building about who is the Marty of this decade and now their on the same show. Morrison made his return tonight.

8:40-Here's a joke, a blonde, an Englishman in a dress and a Jersey Shore wannabe walk in to a bar?

8:41-Wooo Wooo Wooo I surely didn't know he would be picked.

Side Note-8:42-What do Miz and Ryder have in common? Miz is a MTV has been and Ryder is a wannabe.

8:45-WWE showed that even though you thought Morrison wasn't going to be the Marty of this decade, they show Miz can be that much better and his star is still rising.

8:47-First time I have seen Kane and Bret Hart face-to-face. Would have loved to see these two go one-on-one back in the 90's.

8:49-Hoping to see Liam Neeson tonight, I'm a big fan.

8:52-I got Orton winning this, but Edge hitting a spear at the end.

8:58-When Edge and Orton go one-on-one again, I can't wait to see something like they pulled off in 2004 in that ladder match for the Intercontinental Championship.

9:00-Hour two was a little bit better than the first, but they need to be more serious and better than the first two hours.

9:09-Mean Geneeeeee.......Side Note-I picked Josh Matthews in Tough Enough.

9:12-Mystery Opponent....Shouldn't had said or moved. Those who are slow it was Matt Hardy. I'm picking Matt hardy. I'm 5 for 7, now I'm 6 for 8.

9:17-I really want Matt to get a push for the World Championship against Jack Swagger.

9:19-Matt is on a hot streak,he looks like he is going to win this match. Matt wins and he keeps going after him.

9:20-Hair vs hair match, Matt hardy vs. Drew M. ???

9:25-Like to see Rampage knock all three of them out.

9:26-The Hot Rod Roddy Piper.

9:27-Hot Rod vs. Mr. T look-a-like. I'm Loving this segment.

9:28-Dusty, Gene and Murdock......The B-Team.

9:30-One of my favorite segments of all time and Rampage should defiantly wrestle at WrestleMania 27. 

9:45-The Corporate Machine vs The Savior. 7 for 9.

9:52-Wade Barrett has set his eyes on Cena and he's going after the WWE Championship.

9:53-N-X-T Rookies vs Cena. WOW I like this.

9:54-I wonder what the N stands for on their arm.

9:56-The N-X-T Rookies have taken over and are leaving their mark. I wonder if Bryan Danielson meant something because of Cena being the Corporate Machine of the WWE.

9:57-Everything has been demolished. Have the Rookies of N-X-T made a statement at Cena's expense.

9:59-Boy have the winds changed on Raw.

10:00-Nice way to end Raw. Bret didn't lie when he said we would never forget this Raw.

10:04-Where were all the superstars when Cena, Punk and everyone else was getting beat down.

10:05- I loved the end of the show, it is going to be interesting to see how things go from here on out.

Will the N-X-T Rookies from season 2 follow in the footsteps of season 1?

How do you feel about the end of Raw tonight?


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