The NXT Invasion Nobody Saw Coming

David BarrosoContributor IJune 8, 2010

Hello readers out there, and if you were watching Raw like me, you were sorta disappointed with Raw last night, till the end that is. We got a pretty good match between John Cena and C.M. Punk, but that wasn't what this article is about.

No sir, this article is about the post match angle that took place, but if you don't know what happened, here's a recap:

First, Cena is about hit the AA late in the match, but out comes Wade Barrett from the ramp. Cena drops Punk, and challenges Barrett. However, Cena does not realize that  Wade Barrett isn't alone. He's got all the other NXT rookies surrounding the ring, coming in through the e. Then, absolute chaos ensues.

They take out Gallows and Punk first, then the rookies surround the ring and Cena is trapped. Then Otunga takes out the ref, and here we go. They start beating up on Cena like it's a mugging, and not even Super Cena can fight off all eight of these rookies. Then two rookies take out Matt Striker, then aim their sites on Jerry "The Burger King" Lawler. Interesting note, Michael Cole isn't harmed as he flees to safety, something to ponder IWC...

Anyway, more chaos ensues, as they flip over the announcers table, tear off some of the barricade, take out the time keeper, take out Justin Roberts, even taking off his suit jacket and choking him with his tie, it was intense.

They literally start tearing apart the ring, i mean really just shedding the canvas and exposing the wood, demolishing the turnbuckle, everything around ringside is torn into pieces. They one by one start picking apart Cena, and in the end, has to be carried off in a stretcher, selling a brutal attack by the NXT rookies.

First, all the NXT rookies were wearing armbands with a Yellow N on them, could mean an alliance by them. Second, as mentioned before, Michael Cole was nowhere to be found, which could lead to something, since he has been having an on air feud with Daniel Bryan. Or they could be responsible for Undertaker's attack, who knows

All in all, GREAT angle. Never saw this coming, and i don't believe anyone else saw this coming. For the first time in a while, i actually, for a second, forgot this was planned, and bought into it being real. Great job by everyone all around, and hopefully WWE goes far with this.

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