Conference Expansion: Is the Big Ten Now the New Big 12?

Patrick McKennaContributor IJune 10, 2010

After a day in which everyone thought that moves in college football wouldn't be happening for a few weeks it seems destined that the Nebraska Cornhuskers will be joining the Big Ten.

The bigger questions are:

What will happen to the Big 12?  

What will the Big Ten name their conference? 

Unless something happens in the last hours it looks as though the Big 12 has seen its last moments as a conference. With Nebraska their way out, they leave the door wide open for six other teams to jump ship as well and join another conferences.

It seems that Texas, Texas Tech, Oklahoma, Oklahoma St., Texas A&M and Colorado are all going to move over to the Pac 10. This would then allow for Eastern and Western divisions to form.  

Comprising the East would be all of the Big 12 teams, including both Arizona and Arizona St.  

In the West it would be the remaining eight teams who are left in the Pac 10.

There has been some talk for a while now about a realigning of the powerhouse conferences in college football, but it wasn't until now that teams have all of a sudden in a split second made their moves.  

With the two-division format in the Pac 10 this will allow them to drop that conference championship game that so many coaches and players dislike. Instead the conference would move towards securing two BCS bids.  Which could ultimately lead to a Pac 10 east vs. west National Championship game in January.

Of course none of this will happen for at least two years. As all three conferences are under many different contracts.  

Not much has been said though about the Big Ten and how they will split up their conference. Although they will now be able to secure the conference championship that they have been looking for, for a while now. With 12 teams it will make their chances of getting into a National Championship game much better, after years of getting the shaft.

What about the name Big Ten?

From the way things are going its looks as if the Big Ten is poised to become the new Big 12.  This would be fitting since they will be hosting a two division six teams a piece conference.

From the looks of things, Notre Dame seems to be on the outside looking in. They have had their chance over and over to join the Big Ten but have failed to make their move. Claiming they want to stay as an Independent!  

Although with the two super conferences about to form they will have a much harder time trying to fit in teams like Penn State, Michigan, Ohio State and USC into their schedule.  

Could it be that the Fighting Irish are now doomed?

With all of this happening so fast and changing the landscape of college football, it seems as though Notre Dame needs to find a place to fit in. If they don't they could be left in the dark for many years to come!

The only place that makes sense for them left to go would be the Big East. A move there would make the conference more of a national contender like it was back when Miami was still there.

In the end it's not just about what is good for the school. It all comes down to money and who can pay out the big dollars in TV deals and revenue sharing! Where can schools make the most amount of money and get the most amount of media coverage? 

With this being said, keep an eye out for the SEC!