Will the Pac-16 Spell the Demise of the MWC and Bring on a New Big XII?

TrueBlueContributor IJune 10, 2010

Tonight, Orangebloods.com and ESPN reported that Nebraska is headed to the Big 10 and Texas, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, and Colorado are headed for the PAC 10, which will become the PAC 16. Many expect Missouri to join the Big 10 as well. What does this mean for the MWC? Bottom line, it could DOOM the conference.

The question is...how? First, remember that the Big XII has a BCS tie-in contract with the Fiesta Bowl. Simply because eight member institutions leave the Big XII doesn't mean that contract evaporates. Second, the MWC has too much dead weight at the bottom, dragging down the conference and its top three football programs: TCU, Utah, and BYU.

With that in mind, it is not far-fetched to think that Dan Beebe, Commissioner of the Big XII, is staying up nights thinking about how to save his conference. Just how does he do that? Simple. Raid the MWC, WAC, and C-USA and take their best programs! Don't be surprised to see overtures made to bring these programs into the Big XII. Imagine being Michael Young at Utah and Cecil Samuelson at BYU and the possibility of having the following conference:





 Air Force

 Boise State


 Colorado State

 San Diego State




 Iowa State


 Kansas State



See the BAD programs missing? No more New Mexico, UNLV, or Wyoming. No more La. Tech, New Mexico State or San Jose State. Is this the utopia TCU, Utah, BYU, and Boise State fans wanted or expected? Not a chance. But, it sure beats the current MWC, WAC, and C-USA.

Don't forget, this new Big XII still has a tie in to the Fiesta Bowl. It significantly improves the strength of schedule for TCU, Utah, BYU and Boise State in not only football, but basketball as well.

With the loss of six of its member institutions, the MWC will then cease to exist and the WAC would no doubt pick up UNLV, New Mexico, and Wyoming to replace Boise State and La. Tech will move to where it belongs, C-USA. Thanks to the PAC 16, the MWC's premier programs may end up saying "Good bye MWC. Hello new Big XII!"