ESPN's Matt Mosley and His Anti-Washington Redskins Rants

Adam HankinsCorrespondent IJune 10, 2010

As most already know, Matt Mosley is the writer who covers the NFC East in a regular blog on

It's also no secret that before he worked for ESPN, Mosley was a writer for The Dallas Morning News for seven years. Before that, he attended and graduated from Baylor University in Waco, Texas.

Given his geographical background, it is fairly simple to figure out where Mosley's allegiances are in terms of NFL teams.

Mosley consistently devotes a disproportionate space on the NFC East Blog to the Dallas Cowboys. In addition to giving his articles a non-objective slant in favor of the Cowboys, his objectivity is also quite questionable in how he reports on the other NFC East teams.

As an example, in today's blog entries, you can read about how he thinks the Washington Redskins are overrated. Mosley claims that his colleague John Clayton is seriously overestimating the Redskins when Clayton believes the Redskins could reach the playoffs this year.

What is more interesting is how many times he has written that same article about the Redskins, just in a different form. Any reader can determine from his vehement objections to any Redskins playoff aspirations that (1) Mosley seriously dislikes the Redskins and (2) he cannot be objective when writing about them.

Sound familiar? How many Cowboys fans could write objectively about the Redskins' chances of having a winning season?

In similar fashion, Mosley continuously writes articles in his blog about the superiority of the Dallas Cowboys.

When he's not writing about the high probability of Dallas hosting this year's Super Bowl, he's writing non-football articles about how "competitive" Tony Romo is for trying to golf his way into the U.S. Open.

On top of all of this, it's obvious that Matt Mosley spends most of his time researching stories about Dallas. Check out his "Tuesday Beastlines" section of the blog, and count how many stories he displays about the Cowboys in comparison to the other teams in the division. Dallas consistently has more links to articles.

So, unless you're a Dallas Cowboys fan, it's a waste of your time to read ESPN's NFC East Blog.

Until ESPN hires a more objective writer to cover the division, save yourself some nausea and read something else with your morning coffee.