History in the Making: Will the Pac-16 Challenge the Powerful SEC?

Matt HolcombContributor IJune 10, 2010

As an avid fan of the Southeastern Conference, I must say...I'm impressed with Pac-10 commissioner, Larry Scott, for lobbying a 16-team division.

Even more impressive are the teams Scott has invited to join. With the new Pac-10 television etwork coming this fall, everything is falling in place for the first mega-conference in college football history by 2012-13. 

Since a college football playoff isn't going to happen, Larry Scott is going to do what he can to make it happen on his end.

Currently, the Pac-10 doesn't have a championship game...which can be a  disadvantage to a team trying to make the championship game. Under the current 10-team division, a Pac-10 team, in most cases, must go undefeated to be considered for the BCS title game.

A Pac-16 would mirror the SEC—in strength and TV ratings. 

The championship game would be between the East and West champions. Teams with one loss would still have a solid chance to contend for a BCS championship.

So, how does this make sense geographically?

Simple. The six teams invited from the Big 12 would join Arizona and Arizona State to form the Pac-16 East. The remaining teams would represent the Pac-16 West.

Below is the ideal situation for the conference layout from a geographic standpoint, all while keeping rival games intact.

The West division would play every school in its division...the same goes for the East. This format is very similar to the SEC.


Proposed Conference Layout

Pac-16 West: Southern Californa, Oregon, Oregon State, UCLA, Washington, Washington State, Stanford, Californa

Pac-16 East: Texas*, Oklahoma*, Oklahoma State*, Texas A&M*, Texas Tech*, Arizona, Arizona State, Colorado**

*pending invites

**accepted invites


Geographically, recruiting wouldn't change all that much if this layout were to happen. This is an ideal fit, because it keeps annual rival games intact and players' parents still can be within driving distance to most away games.

As an SEC man for life, I must give kudos to the PAC-10 commissioner. If he were to make this happen, there would be another big fish in the pond. Tat much we all know...maybe bigger?