Montreal Grand Prix Back In F1 Circulation

Chris OliphantContributor IJune 11, 2010

MONTREAL, QC - JUNE 08:  Lewis Hamilton of Great Britain and McLaren Mercedes leads Robert Kubica of Poland and BMW Sauber and Kimi Raikkonen of Finland and Ferrari at the start of the Canadian Formula One Grand Prix at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve June 8, 2008 in Montreal, Canada.  (Photo by Paul Gilham/Getty Images)
Paul Gilham/Getty Images


Finally, a stop for the Formula One boys back in Montreal, Quebec, Canada! After being missed on last year’s schedule, Formula One is back to impress my fellow Canadians by roaring through the streets of a manmade island in the Montreal city limits.

Being a Canadian, I was distraught at the thought of not being able to watch Formula One race cars wind around the Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve. This feeling was not to last as the grand prix is back for 2010. This despite a U.S. grand prix being missing from the North American tour again this year, however with the news of a Texas grand prix, this provides support for future years with a North American tour.

This year’s Canadian grand prix will be very interesting to say the least. With the cars having a hiatus from this tarmac and being developed in the meantime, the handling characteristics can hopefully be settled by the simulators. Also, the full fuel load will aid to the engineer’s and driver’s frustrations. As this track is very high speed course with many variations of corners and straights, surely there will be a lot of action. This track will punish drivers for making mistakes, as seen first-hand by a flipping Robert Kubica, and so therefore logically the driver with a relatively error free race will be looking good at the end, as seen by Robert Kubica the year after his harrowing crash..

As mentioned earlier, this is the closest grand prix to my home. Though I haven’t been yet, I have ambitions to be a regular, that is if the Formula One directors continue to see it useful to the schedule. With Formula One looking to extend its reach further into North America, may we see a second Canadian or U.S. grand prix?