BlockONation's Response to the Typical SEC Fan's Superiority Complex

HD Handshoe - IJune 12, 2010

In the wake of conference realignment, Johnathan Fravel, a featured columnist of Alabama football here on recently posted an article entitled SEC Conference Realignment: No Talk Of Expansion When You Have a Dynasty, claiming that the SEC isn't looking to, nor does it need to consider expansion because it has a dynasty in college football that I guess he, like most SEC fans, believes is never going to end.

The only things that SEC fans have a Dynasty on is sporting mullets, making and drinking moonshine, watching "Trashcar", believing that wrasslin' is real and spending $49.99 a month of their welfare check to get the latest PPV, making love to their cousins, a strong resistance to grooming themselves, an opposition to having acceptable personal hygiene, and an infatuation with wearing jorts.

Here is my reply to his article, and his, and every SEC fan's, wake up call, compliments of BlockONation.

Actually, the SEC is trying to expand as well, and whether it does or not, anyone with half a brain knows this is cyclical and the SEC's reign at the top is nearing an end, especially with conference realignment.

The Big Ten, Mountain West, and the Pac-10 will all be more competitive than the SEC, possibly as soon as 2010.

Sorry, but you don't have the rest of us fooled SEC fans—It's not really hard for Alabama or Florida to go undefeated through the regular season when they are the only good teams in that vastly overrated conference.

Then, Bama BARELY beat Texas without Colt McCoy, but instead with a freshmen QB in Garret Gilbert, so let's not act like they were great....

They were the best team from an overrated, overhyped conference, who was fortunate to face Texas without McCoy for the BCS title, period.

Whether you agree or not, the SEC was not very good last year "top to bottom" and that has been SEC fans claim to fame so to speak, but it is clearly just not true!

Bama and Florida were good, but then LSU was the next best team and they were very very average, as was the rest of the entire conference.

Ole Miss flopped after being hyped up last year heading into the season, and Georgia who was No. 1 in the 2008 preseason poll was pretty horrible in 2009 too...

So as you see, they might have a good team or two, but the SEC as a whole is on the way down, and FAST!

Let the SEC rebuttal, and hate directed at me, the Big Ten conference and the Buckeyes begin.....


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