Paulo Henrique Ganso Takes a Dig at Kaka

Brazilian Football by SBSenior Analyst IJune 16, 2010

Paulo Henrique Ganso, AKA the best midfielder in the world, was watching Dunga's men struggle to beat the mighty North Korean national football side in South Africa.

Ganso could not accompany the match from the bench or on the field, which is where he should have been, but was content to take in an HD version of the sad spectacle, seated on a chair back in Brazil.

After the lackluster first half and many many autographs later, the Santos superstar uttered the usual diplomatic blab comments regarding the match saying that first games are like that etc. etc. yadda yadda.

When the ordeal was finally over, with Brazil managing the slenderest of victories versus their worthy adversaries, Ganso was once again swamped by the press and had some more to say.

The lad form the Vila started off with the usual diplomatic respectful drivel that all footballers seem to constantly regurgitate nowadays saying that the national team were playing their first match, his time would come, bla bla bla, yadda yadda.

However, he did mention the other lads from the Vila, Robinho and Elano putting together a moment of magic in the match and at the very end of his short interview came - the dig.

The very last thing Ganso said before rushing off with all the bodyguards in Italian suits was, " The seleção is doing well....Kaka was excellent."

"Kaka was excellent", was a tremendous dig by the boy wonder Ganso.

Every soul in all of planet football saw what a disgraceful performance Kaka put in yesterday. Ganso did well to limit his comments to positive ones and pretend not to mind not being in South Africa but alas in the end .....he just had to take a dig.

Subtle, a subtle dig, ever so subtle just like his magical play but effective and registered just like his many goals.

Brazil lacked creativity in the midfield versus an extremely weak opponent and Kaka was horrible.

Things may improve during the tournament and it is also worth mentioning that the other opponents in this group and indeed most of the other teams in the tournament have also been disappointing as "paper hype" has not translated into much on the field.

Dunga may even end up winning the cup but not including the boys from the Vila, Neymar and Ganso, will go down in history as perhaps the greatest blunder in the history of Brazilian and world football with regards to the big stage.