Pete Carroll, Will You Please Shut Up!

Larry BurtonSenior Writer IJune 16, 2010

Larry Burton (Panama City Beach, Fla.) Pete Carroll, could you do the world and USC a favor and just shut the hell up? Is your ego really so big that you think even the most ardent USC fans will believe a word you say?

To pick up the paper today and read where you say the NCAA HAS NO BASIS for unfair and really really harsh sanctions, you sir are not only proving what an idiot you are, but stereotyping the ego blown image of yourself that many of us in the press have come to hate.

No basis? Where where you when the NCAA investigation committee showed you five boxes of evidence including receipts and sworn testimony?

Do you honestly expect that your childish rants about the penalties are actually believed by anyone who read the NCAA report?

And the very reason the penalties were so harsh is because of YOU Pete Carroll, well actually you and that other idiot Mike Garrett (USC Athletic Director), who were and are still so arrogant claiming there was no wrong doing whatsoever even after hundreds of proofs of evidence were documented.

And you want to aid USC in their appeal?

You could start by shutting the hell up you ranting moron. By telling anyone who sticks a microphone in your face that you and and everyone in the program did nothing wrong, is now as stupid as spitting in the face of the committee who will hear USC's appeal.

It wouldn't surprise me if the NCAA doesn't just get a belly full of you and Garrett and say, "OK, you asked us to review the sanctions, and since you've continued to lie and distort the truth, we're adding on an additional 10 scholarship reductions. Now would you like us to review this again for you?"

Pete Carroll, if I were a USC player who was having to live through this hell you put the program in, yes that's right, that YOU put them in, I would want to punch you in the face the next time I hear you say, "There's nothing there", like you did yesterday referring to the investigation.

That is exactly why you let the program be body slammed to the ground. You saw nothing wrong then and now. That's why they hit you with the dreaded "Lack of institutional control" and gave you the harsh penalties they did.

Pete, you idiot, who do you really think the USC faithful will believe now? You, a lying sack of crap, or five boxes of documented evidence that was corroborated by testimony?

Your stupid YouTube video you put out just after the decision became public was bad enough, but now continuing to claim total innocence is just sickening.

Please just shut up and go away and let the healing start. We can almost forgive Reggie Bush, but we can't forgive you, you were supposed to know better, you were supposed to be looking out for USC and you were supposed to know when just to shut the hell up.

You failed at them all.