Spain: Did The Euro Hype Media Say Something About Beautiful Football?

Brazilian Football by SBSenior Analyst IJune 16, 2010

Spain. Oh Spain.

They were hyper hyped up as the new owners of the "beautiful game" here there and everywhere...the Furia ...The Furia.

The betting sites had all been tricked by the misleading media and actually put Spain as the favourites to win the tournament. Spain, a team which had never even made it to a final, touted as the favourites.....please.

Spain-Switzerland 0-1. Spain lose their first match at the 2010 World Cup.

An unimaginative, dull, boring Spain with the same right side play over and over and over and over and ....for the love of god ...over again......and this they call "beautiful football"?

Touch, touch, touch....trying hard to look like a South American team ...Spain almost succeeded at this, minus the talent of course and fell victim to a well structured European side unafraid to play the way Europeans should play and scoring with a naturalized import.

Spain had given up the chance to play their Brazilian import Marcos Sena who had led them to their only title worth mentioning ever - the last European Cup.

So yet another bunch of "paper champions" fall as this World Cup which is turning out to be the great Hype Buster Cup.

Perhaps it has to do with the 32 cameras that monitor every detail on the field thus making the famous "cheat" harder and harder.

The English ref. tried his best with lots of yellows for the Swiss, an extra day of extra time, fouls whenever one of the little diminutive Spaniards fell.....but what can you do....the world is watching closely this time........and after the whole Henry thing..

So there you have it. Round one is over the South American delegation is without a loss. Chile lead group H with a fantastic "beautiful game" attacking victory which was not really represented by the slim scoreline. ....but hey at least they won.

The player of the tournament so far is Santos man Robinho ....and we can be sure ...THERE IS ONLY ONE BEUTIFUL GAME.....yellow and green of course.