WWE Fatal 4-Way : Seven Reasons to Watch the Upcoming Pay-Per-View

Dan PowerSenior Analyst IJune 19, 2010

With all the negative comments and articles I have read on Internet this week, the upcoming pay-per-view seems to be unattractive; but I see things more positively. 

Apparently, there is no massive hype in the Internet Wrestling Community for Fatal 4-Way

On my side, for some reasons, I am excited to see the WWE's brand new show. So, here are the seven reasons why I will tune in this coming Sunday evening:

1- Night Of Champions

The Fatal 4-Way pay-per-view could also be named Night Of Champions since all the matches are for WWE gold. Only the Tag Team and Women's Championships are not on the line.

With so many Titles in jeopardy, we can expect at least one or two new champions by the end of the show.

In addition, unless exception, is there any match more exciting than one for a belt? We have five of them in one night so we can hope for more than our share of exciting moments.

2- The Raw main event 

That match only will probably worth the buy. If Edge and Randy Orton were not in the mix, it would be just an other decent match. But those two sneaky wrestlers will spice-up things. Cena and Sheamus, the two powerhouses, will have to check their backs and pure strength won't be enough in such a contest.

With the contrasting styles of each contestant, the match will be very balanced and it is very hard to predict the winner.

The showdown on Raw has been one of the best in 2010 and the hype is here without a doubt.

So, if the match meet the expectations, we should have a nice treat from WWE.

3- The NXT story-line and Bryan Danielson

NXT and Bryan Danielson are currently the two hottest topics in pro wrestling.

The NXT invasion that started on June 7th has been stopped momentarily by the Raw roster the following week. Later that evening, Bret Hart has been mauled by the WWE rookies and the show ended with him laying on the parking ground.

With them all wanting WWE contracts, we will certainly hear from them at the pay-per-view.

We might also learn more about Bryan Danielson's release and he could even be present on that evening.

4- Kane and The Undertaker

The other big angle currently in WWE will continue in one form or another.

We might learn more about The Phenom's aggressor and maybe about his current state.
But one thing is sure: Kane will appear at Fatal 4-Way and, hopefully, the story-line will move forward. The pay-per-view will be the perfect occasion for the fans to learn more.

5- The expected high quality of the matches

With only five matches scheduled, we can expect top quality matches or the fans will run mad all over the Internet.

As previously mentioned, the Raw Fatal 4-Way contest will certainly steal the show as it would on any other pay-per-view.

Kofi Kingston vs. Drew McIntyre should give a great spectacle if the latter comes with his best game. Hopefully, the fans will see what The Chosen One can really do in a ring because, so far, he did not impress a lot.

The match for the US Championship is the one that could either be awesome or awful; there is no huge expectations from them so it will be easy for The Miz and R-Truth to shine if they deliver well.

The Divas Fatal Four-Way bout will probably the one used as the rest room break. Hopefully, the women will show us why their division deserves to remain alive and will not be just a fill up segment for the show.

The Smackdown! main event has lost some flavor with Mysterio replacing The Undertaker. There is not a lot of hype for that match and there is no great expectations so the fans will hardly be disappointed. However, with the Friday Night Brand's high writing standards, the fans might see something outstanding in the end.

6- The probable extended length of the matches

Many fans mentioned the short lengths of the matches lately.

With only a few matches on the card, we can expect longer encounters than what we are used to from WWE in the last months.

The bookers can't come with the usual 10-15 minutes bouts or the pay-per-view will last less than two hours.

If the two singles and the Divas matches last 15 minutes each, the two main events will have to last more than 35 minutes each to reach the two hour mark. That means 20-30 minutes of non-wrestling segments.

7- Potential surprises

In addition to the continued stories with the WWE will have to come with some unexpected surprises to fill up the very small card.

We could hear a major announcement and/or we could get a surprise match.

That being said, the WWE can not present only five matches without one surprise or two.


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