"Cody", Episode 1, "Pilot"

RKO's Priceless Numba1Fan aka Dashing Marina MtzCorrespondent IJune 20, 2010

Hey There Bleacher Creatures!! Welcome to the pilot of the new hit show, "Cody!" If you haven't seen the sneak peek leading up to this, please click here! Anyway, feel free to comment and "like"! Thanks and Enjoy!

With Willis accommodating himself into Cody's conscience, Ted and Randy were out grocery shopping...

Ted: Hey Randy! Do we get this gouda?

Randy: *thinking while looking in mirror*

Ted: Randy?

Randy: *still admiring self*

Ted: Randy!

Randy: Ted! Don't ever yell at me again! Or I will punt you in skull just like I did last time!

Ted: Gosh, I was just asking about the gouda...

Meanwhile, back the Legacy household...

Cody: *sweeping and humming in the kitchen"

Willis: Codyyyyy....

Cody: Willis! Can't you see i'm sweeping right now?

Willis: Listen to me you immature buffoon! I have an ingenious plan to get vengeance!

Cody: Vengeance will have to wait. A dirty floor is more important!

Willis: *deeply sighs*

Cody: Don't sigh! If I don't get this floor clean, Randy will kill me! Plus, I still have to make Randy's favorite garlic bread!

Willis: What if you didn't have to be Randy's little b*tch anymore?

Cody: One, I'm not a dog, two, I'm not female, and three, I like doing these things for Randy!

Willis: *mumbles under breath* God, please give me the strength to carry on!

Finally, Ted and Randy get back. With 3 large mirrors and gouda cheese in tow!

Ted: *singing* We got the gouda, oh yeah we got the gouda!

Randy: Damn i'm bored!

Ted: Hey did Sam ever find out about the whole fox thing?

Randy: No, not really...

Ted: So, she didn't ask about the half-washed Sharpie mark on your chest?

Randy: Oh I kinda said that a fan went crazy and wrote on my chest...

Cody: Hey fellas! 

Willis: Be evil, Cody! Evil....

Cody: No Willis! These are my friends!

Ted: Hey Cody? Who are you talking to?

Cody: Oh no one, I refer to myself as Willis sometimes...it's uh...my middle name!

Randy: Hmm? I thought your middle name was Garrett?

Cody: I...uh...have two middle names!

Ted: 'Cody Garrett Willis Rhodes?'

Cody: Uh...yeah!

Randy: That's a pretty catchy name, Code-man!

Cody: Ya...*smiles nervously*

The next morning...

Cody: I'm going out! 

Ted: With who? Your mom?

Randy: NO Ted! With his babysitter!

Cody: Actually guys...

Ted: No! With his cat!

Randy: *looks at Ted, confused* HIS CAT?

Cody: You guys...

Ted: Ya, his cat because, cats are for lonely people!

Randy: I still don't think that's funny!

Willis: Cody! It's time to strike! They keep interrupting you and they are insulting you right before your eyes!

Ted: Why don't you thinks that's funny? I think it's hysterical!

Randy: Just stop, it's getting...


Ted: Sheesh! What's his problem?

Outside in the Cody's car...

Willis: Cody! That was marvelous! Amazing! Fantastic!

Cody: I"m not gonna take it anymore! No more Mr. Nice Cody!

*drives up to hotel*

Candice: *gets in car* Hi Cody.

Cody: Uh...hi Candice! You want me to take your coat?

Candice: We're not at the restaurant yet.

Cody: Oh...uh...right! Silly me!

Candice: So where are we going?

Cody: I was thinking Red Lobster, since I gave most of my money for groceries to Randy and Ted.

Candice: Oh....um ok.

And thus ends another episode of "Cody"! Please tune in next time for another gut-busting episode! Thank you and good night! (Don't Forget to comment and like!)



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