WWE Fatal 4-Way: Live Blog Tonight With Results And Comments

Dan PowerSenior Analyst IJune 20, 2010

Below are the freshest Fatal 4-Way pay-per-view results ........

If you don't plan to (or if you can't) watch the Fatal 4-Way pay-per-view tonight, I invite you to get the live results in the current article that I will update in real time.  

I also invite you to leave your comments about the results and the events no matter if you watch it or not. I will be online for the whole show commenting and replying to your comments.

I would also like to know which match you think will be the best of the evening, so please take the quick poll.

Well, that's it for now. I hope to see a lot of you tonight so we can make an interesting and fun live blog. I will be there at 8 p.m. EST so see you then.

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The pay-per-view is live from the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Uniondale, New York.

The PPV opens with a short showdown of the Raw and Smackdown! Fatal 4-Way matches. They insisted on Kane who said it would be a FATAL NIGHT...! 

After the fireworks and music, Vince McMahon announced Bret Hart would not appear tonight and they present a video of what happened on the last episode of Raw to explain why.

After the video, McMahon says Hart aggressors will be punished then The Chosen One's music is heard and Drew McIntyre appeared to shake the WWE chairman's hand.

That announces the first match and, now in the ring, McIntyre calls Teddy Long; he asks him to sit ringside then Kofi Kingston is coming to the ring.

Match number 1 : Kofi Kingston (c) vs. Drew McIntyre.

The Intercontinental Championship match begins with Kofi as the aggressor, but McIntyre, after a short break outside the ring comes back in for the assault.

As the action goes, Teddy Long seems worried about the result of the match. So far, McIntyre got the upper hand in the match and he even mocked Kingston ''boom boom boom''.

Kofi countered a clothesline with some kind of flying DDT and both are laying on the floor.

Kofi starts to fain momentum but he's in pain due to his harm previously hit with insistance.

Now the attacks and counters are coming from both ways and now the ref is down in the ring hit by Kingston's feet from top rope.

McIntyre got the 3 count but the ref still down and out. He Throws Long in the ring and makes him wear the ref's shirt.

Kingston still down and k.o. but Teddy Long stops the count at two.

McIntyre is mad and arguing, but surprise!  MATT HARDY hit him with a twist of fate in front of Long... who doesn't disqualify Kofi.

Kofi hit McIntyre with his signature move, Trouble in Paradise, to retain the IC title.

Winner :  Kofi Kingston

...Following that match, The Hart Dynasty are interviewed and they say they want to fight tonight...

Match number 2 :  Eve (c) vs. Maryse vs. Gail Kim vs. Alicia Fox

(8:34 pm EST)

The match is for the Divas Championship and opens with a grueling catfight.

A lot of action so far: two submission moves at the same time, double teaming on Eve and a succession of submission moves broken by oppponents.

Maryse and Alicia Fox no longer seems on the same page and start to argue and then battle while the two faces (Eve and Kim are laying out of the ring).

Eve and Gail Kim come back in the ring and end fighting each other. There's no more team and it's everyone for herself... With great moonsault from Eve on Maryse. The count is interrupted by Alicia Fox and she pins Maryse.


And we got a new Divas Champion, Alicia Fox!!!!

Winner : Alicia Fox (new Divas Champion)

...backstage segment with Mysterio and Big Show saying no friends tonight; Show wishes good luck to Rey...

...But wait, Y2J music hits our ears...

... He enters the ring despite he was not scheduled and takes the mic...

...He reminds us how great he is and that his real fans are only those 25 years old and more...

...He whines he's not the hot topic as of late and mentions NXT and calls Evan Bourne...

Match number 3 : Chris Jericho vs. Evan Bourne


Fast paced match, but Y2J seems a bit slow tonight - but who wouldn't look slow against Bourne?

Jericho got the early momentum and clearly shows his in-ring experience. Bourne countered a bit, but not enough so far, until he grab with his feet Jericho's head who's on the top rope; Y2J hits the floor and stop the count at two.

Y2J gains back momentum and goes with the Walls of Jericho. After some struggling, Bourne reaches the rope to break the hold.

The action continued outside the ring with brutal hits and counters. Back in the ring, with back and forth action, Y2J hits the Code Breaker but Bourne put his foot on the bottom rope for the break.

Finally, after great hits and counters, Bourne goes for his Airbourne for the 3 count on Jericho.

Winner :  Evan Bourne


...Commercial break

... ((((((SIDE NOTE : Jerry Lawler, Michael Cole and Matt Striker are so the announcers for each match and it seems it will be that way for the whole show)))))) ...

...Segment with Kane's videos from the last few weeks ....

Match number 4 :  Jack Swagger (c) vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Big Show vs. CM Punk

The World Heavyweight Championship is on the line and all rivals are ready to fight. The bell rings.


Mysterio and Big Show both cleared the ring of their opponent and they face each other; Rey hits Show with all he got, but it has no effect on the largest Athlete in the World.

After all got back in the ring, with Mysterion brought back by the head with Big Show's single massive hand. The action continues with many pinfall attempts.

After Big Show being hit out cold and laying on the concrete floor, he buldozzed everyone in the ring after he woke up.

With 4 men laying in the ring, Kane comes in to attack CM Punk first, but Gallows help his savior to escape the casket.

In the mean time, while Big Show is once again k.o. the Ultimate Underdog causes the upset by pinning Swagger after the 619 and top rope plunge. 

The winner and new World Heavyweight Champion...  Rey Mysterio.


Winner :  Rey Mysterio, new WHC Champ.

...commercial break announcing the upcoming Money In The Bank PPV; we learned nothing new about the concept...

...Interview with John Cena; they talk about NXT and the upcoming Fatal 4-Way match...

...Hyping attempt for the coming match...

Match number 5 :  The Miz (c) vs. R-Truth

The U.S. Championship is on the line and The Miz enters with a mic; he comes with his own version of R-Truth's song. He replaced the words ''What's Up'' by ''The Miz'' and he brags about how awesome he is and finishes with his catchphrase.

Then R-Truths comes in with his usual song and entrance.


Decent back and forth action. R-Truths is hurt in the mid-section but keeps on fighting.

Some high impact moves from both opponents. Back and neck breaker combo on R-Truth and spinning kick on The Miz.

After many pinfall attempts, The Miz counters R-Truth and wins the match with a roll-up for the 3 count. The Miz retains.


Winner :  The Miz.

...Don't try this at home advertisement...

...Interview with Edge who reminds us that the titles changed hands in both Fatal 4-Way matches earlier tonight...

Match number 6 :  Hart Dynasty and Nathalya vs. Uso's Brothers and Tamina

An other ''surprise'' match, announced earlier.

Three vs. Three mixed tag team match.


The Uso's Brothers got the upper hand early and we seen an impactful Samoan Drop on the security gate outside the ring. The Hart Dynasty replied a bit, but started to get back in the match when Nathalya took care of Tamina.

Tamina replied with an impressive Samoan Drop, but then failed her splash from the top turnbuckle.

Nathalya wins the match with a devastating-rotating clothesline for the pin.


Winners :  Hart Dynasty & Nathalya.

...Raw's Fatal 4-Way match video recap showdown...

Match number 7 :  John Cena (c) vs. Randy Orton vs. Sheamus vs. Edge

Randy Orton is the first to enter and he got a huge pop. He seems in great shape.


Edge enters with a huge pop too, as loud as Orton's.

Sheamus follows under great boos. The crowd is great tonight.

Mixed reaction for John Cena. Amazing cheers and equally awesome boos.

The Championship match for the WWE Title can now begin. The bell rings and here we go.


Slow start. They all watch each other. Then the action begins.

With Orton out of the ring, Sheamus and Edge team together against Cena... And the crowd gets crazy. We hear ''Let's go Cena!'' followed by ''Cena Sux!'' chants - one part of the crowd reply to each other with their chants.

Then Orton comes in action and battles Cena while the two others lay out of the ring.

Double DDT from the middle rope by Orton on Cena and Sheamus after un-interrupted action between the 4 warriors.

Edge got in to prevent Orton to go for the pin.

Then load of signature moves for everyone with Cena getting the first real chance to win with his submission move, broken by Sheamus.

Great suspense.


Great 3 count break by Sheamus; he pushed the ref while he was counting to prevent Orton to win the match after a RKO on Cena.

(((((((SIDE NOTE : NXT attacked the Hart Dynasty and Bourne backstage))))))))

NXT heads to the ring to attack Cena and Edge... 

Then the opportunist Sheamus covers Cena and becomes the new WWE Champ...!!!

After the bell, NXT continued their assault on Cena; after few minutes, the NXT guys run after Sheamus who runs away backstage.

Winner :  Sheamus - New WWE Champ...

...The show ends with Cena, Edge and Orton agonizing...

(10:35 pm EST)

The End.



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