Chelsea's John Terry Up To His Old Backstabbing Ways

Brazilian Football by SBSenior Analyst IJune 21, 2010

England's squad gather to review their performance in the World Cup and Terry warns that players should be ready to air any issues with the coach.

Mr. Terry is not the England captain as we all know, after the whole bonking a teammate's woman incident, but sees it fit to act as a leader anyway.

"We've got a meeting tonight to see where we went wrong," he said. "That's probably the whole 93 minutes. Everyone needs to get off their chest exactly how they're feeling."

He added: "If it upsets him (Capello) or it upsets any player then so be it."

Once again, just like he did to Big Phil at Chelsea, Terry is going after the coach to cover up his own failures at a club, that apart from all the hype, has never won a single international title.

Terry dismissed Capello's suggestion that World Cup pressure was getting to the players, adding: "I think, naturally, at any level there is always a bit of nerves but once you step over the white line, that's not an issue."

"There is a little bit of boredom kicking in," said Terry.

Boredom? .... the man almost handed the opposition a goal in his last match with a horrible back pass which surely would have rivaled England's other green moments....but he's bored.

If he's so bored he should go train and learn how to at least trap and pass a ball properly. Perhaps practicing some penalties would be a good one as well.

Terry continued, "Since the manager has come in he's had his ways and his philosophies that he's brought to the side."

So not only is Terry team captain, now he wants to be coach as well.

He backs his former Chelsea team-mate Joe Cole to deliver, should he be introduced to the action.

"I think so, we've seen with Chelsea," added Terry.

"I personally think he and Wayne are the only two in the side who can really open up things and are key to breaking down defenses.

"If he's called on Joe will do a great job."

Bear in mind that all this strategy was spoken behind the coach's back and at the actual meeting the backstabbing coward just sits silently hoping that the others will promote his agenda.

Should England be eliminated undoubtedly all blame will be cast on the foreign coach just like it has been done repeatedly at Chelsea as they lose year, after year, after year.

Open your eyes Mr. Russian billionaire. Turn off the volume when you watch your team play. Too much talk and too few titles.

The English team should also tune in those trouble makers, who throw blame on others to distract from their own failures.