Did Mysterio Win It For Evan?

Paul AustinCorrespondent IJune 21, 2010

LAS VEGAS - AUGUST 24:  Wrestler Evan Bourne jumps off the ropes at wrestler Chavo Guerrero (C) as wrestler Hornswoggle lies in the foreground during the WWE Monday Night Raw show at the Thomas & Mack Center August 24, 2009 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
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One of the surprise results, for many, of last nights Fatal 4-Way pay per view, was the victory of Rey Mysterio, and his capture of the World Heavyweight Championship.

Why is this a surprise to many?

It's a surprise because Mysterio is currently carrying an injury, and wasn't even initially booked to be in the match, let alone win it.

So why has he been given the title?

Well, if you read around the wrestling communities you can be certain of one fact, it's not because WWE has a huge love for the little guy!

Or is it?

It's certainly true that the only two wrestlers, under six-foot, on the current WWE pay roll, who have ever held a world title, are Chris Jericho, and Rey Mysterio, two men who both made their national television wrestling debuts in the mid-1990's.

So it is hard to make a case that says the WWE enjoys having main event small guys, however, when we look deeper, is that also perhaps part of the reason that Rey Mysterio got given the strap last night?

Rumors have been swirling around Mysterio for some time now, he's 35-years old, he's been on our TV sets for over a decade, his move set is more limited than it used to be, and a lot less innovative, whilst he's also becoming increasingly involved in incidents that have caused injuries to other wrestlers.

The most recent example being the injury he caused to The Undertaker, the wrestler he ironically replaced in the bout.

Meanwhile, retirement rumors circulate around Chris Jericho. He's 39-years old he's been there, he's done everything, and like Mysterio he's been with us for an age.

So are the WWE looking at this, and thinking that they might lose one, or both of these wrestlers, in the next few years, and have finally decided, that after a decade of trying, it's time to find a man to replace one, or both of them?

One of the reasons that it's been so hard to break a replacement into the scene has been because of the discontinuation of the cruiserweight division.

The cruiserweight division has a strange history, because of it people like Jericho, and Mysterio, got a chance to shine, that they might not other wise have had, as it booked them to compete against similar wrestlers, of a similar size, and to compete in balanced match ups, where it didn't look like they were being squashed, or were useless lightweights, every time they lost a bout.

On the other hand, the curse of the cruiserweight division was, if you did get on a losing streak, it was very hard to regain any credibility, if you then wanted to step up to take on heavyweights, as the audience had already seen you lose repeatedly to much smaller competitors.

Many smaller wrestlers also felt they were often held back in that division, and the division was very much dropped at least partially because of the pressure from Chris Jericho, and Rey Mysterio, amongst other cruiserweights to drop it.

This has left the WWE with a problem, as they've found it increasingly difficult to push smaller athletes, but are we seeing that change at present?

Earlier this year Chris Jericho we saw Chris Jericho win the World Heavyweight Championship for the first time in over a year, which gave him back some of the credibility that certain fans felt he lost in his feud against the "legends" in the previous year.

Since losing the title, Jericho has gone on to feud with Evan Bourne.

Last night Rey Mysterio, a man not even booked to be in the bout, a man who hasn't held the title, since a very short reign, four years ago, won the same title, to again give a small man a new shot of credibility.

Is this a coincidence?

How long will Mysterio hold the title for?

It's hard to imagine they are going to keep the belt on him for to long, not least because he's still due to go under the surgeons knife. 

So is it possible they are merely giving him the title briefly, to boost his standing in the kayfabe pecking order, and then, after the Jericho and Bourne feud is over, and after Mysterio has had his operation, will he booked to face Bourne, to continue a cruiserweight-style push for Bourne?

I know Bourne is on the Raw roster, and not on SmackDown! with Mysterio, but is this all part of the formula to finally change the old guard, and to bring in the future replacement for the promotions two small guys?

Whether Mysterio eventually faces Bourne, or not, even the winning of that title helped promote the cause of Evan Bourne, so even on that basic level, did the creative teams see the benefit in giving the title to Mysterio, in order to facilitate his push.

Did Mysterio win it for Evan?