Collegiate Hoops Goes One-On-One With Recruit Luke Mergerson

DeAnte MitchellCorrespondent IJune 21, 2010

First off I would like to thank Luke Mergerson for taking his time to speak with me. Mergerson is an up-and-coming recruit out of Duncanville, Texas.


He is a 6'8'' power forward that can score on the block in a lot of ways.


There are a reported nine colleges that are interested in Mergerson's services according to Yahoo Rivals! Those nine teams are: Colorado, Georgetown, Georgia Tech, Kansas State, Minnesota, Notre Dame, Southern Methodist, Texas and West Virginia.


The one-on-one interview with the highly-touted recruit, went something like this:


How are you today?

Luke Mergerson:  I am doing good.


So how is the whole recruiting process going for you?

Luke Mergerson:  It's going steady. I have an offer from Southern Methodist University. I've also have been talking to Boston College, Iowa, Bradley, Creighton, Wichita St., Houston, Marquette, Minnesota and Notre Dame.


I recently became aware that Kansas State was also considering you. How does that make you feel?

Luke Mergerson:  That makes me feel great. I was receiving letters with information regarding their program, but I didn't know that they were interested in me. They are a great program with a very intense and great coach. There is a player named Nick Russell on the team who I am cool with. He went to Duncanville and then graduated from Arlington Grace Prep.


There are a lot of different colleges with reported interest in you. Who has the edge?

Luke Mergerson:  Right now, I like Boston College, Iowa, Minnesota and Notre Dame. I really like West Virginia and Georgetown as well.


How do you plan on transition from high school to a division one power conference?

Luke Mergerson:  I think that it will be pretty tough. I'm sure I will transition well as long as I keep working hard.


How much of your time is devoted to basketball?

Luke Mergerson:  Most of it, I play every day for about three hours sometimes more. It's mostly basketball and family for me.


What are you doing this off-season to get better?

Luke Mergerson:  I'm working on my athleticism mostly. Like my jumping, agility, speed and quickness. I also do school work to stay fresh.


How devoted are you in the classroom?

Luke Mergerson:  I do most of my work. At times I get lazy, but I try for all A's and B's every semester.


What would you say was your biggest weakness?

Luke Mergerson:  My athleticism. But that does not stop me from doing what I have to do when my name is called.


What is the best part of your game?

Luke Mergerson:  My mom tells me that I'm a smart player. So that's probably what it is. Most people who see me play, compare me to Tim Duncan.


(Interviewed by DeAnte Mitchell; to read the rest of the interview visit Collegiate Hoops )