Acceptance Of The Little Man: Rey Mysterio's World Title Reign.

Santiago M. IlizaliturriContributor IJune 21, 2010


Earlier today I came across a very interesting topic. It was in an article in which Paul Austin gave his opinion over the surprising victory of Rey Mysterio. Feel free to read it here. The way I took is that he feels that Evan Bourne will get a greater push via Mysterio’s title reign. At the conclusion of his article, Paul Austin had a very interesting question.  

Did Mysterio win it for Evan (Bourne)?

I believe that Mysterio's title reign does help Evan Bourne. I don't think he won it for him though. It helps Bourne because viewers can accept him more as a title contender. Why will they accept him? Well because a “little man" is the current Heavyweight Champion of the World. Also, don’t forget that Bourne already pinned the current WWE Champion earlier this month. I think he will be one of the "Raw" favorites to win the "Money in the Bank", which can put him in an angle with maybe Sheamus, or get him into the mix of that NXT situation. Now I have a question with an opinion too.

Why is Mysterio World Heavyweight Champion?

Many of us can go ahead and debate whether Mysterio currently deserves the title, or not. All I can say is that Smackdown needs him to be World Heavyweight Champion at the moment. I think because it helps much needed ratings for Friday nights. Also, besides John Cena, when it comes to merchandise, Rey is probably second best in selling merchandise. High sales of merchandise also means he sells tickets.So I feel that Smackdown needs him as WHC for now. How can the guy filling the seats not be considered the World Champion? If “fellas” like Sheamus are World Champions, why not Rey?

I understand that he is not a Heavyweight, but then again, we don’t live in a perfect world. I am not sure how long his title reign will last. I can be sure that this is probably not his last World title reign. I’m pretty sure that WWE has learned their lesson on giving the title to someone, whom they can’t trust, and I feel the Rey despite his latest contract disputes with the company, he is still trustworthy.

Do you think Rey needs to be Champion for the moment?