The SEC Dress Code: What Makes It so Sharp?

William DeightonCorrespondent IJune 21, 2010

There is a certain, but unexplainable excitement in the autumn air. 

The grills fire up and the sweet smell of BBQ, burgers, and dogs flow up and over rows of tailgate tent tops. Coolers and kegs are filled with beer and the tables are loaded with the whisky of choice. The marching band is mixed in with acoustic country sounds and stereos blasting southern rock and roll. Tailgate TVs are set up and sound systems are ready to go. There is nothing like game day in the SEC.

What makes the atmosphere so special in the SEC? Well it's not the food, the booze, or the music. It's the fans, and more precisely the fans that pack the student sections of the SEC.

Let's go all the way back to the Civil War. More commonly known as "The War of Northern Aggression" in the south. It wasn't uncommon for "picnickers" to dress in their most highly regarded attire, eat lunch, and cheer on their men in the battles of the Civil War.   

Through time, the only thing that has changed for these "picnickers" is the battle. That tradition has been kept in the student sections of the SEC. You won't see students drinking peppermint snapps in their big hefty coats.

There is a dress code in the student sections of the SEC. Ties, blazers, and dresses are seen throughout the loudest and craziest section of SEC stadiums. This tradition is unlike any other in college football and in my opinion its what makes SEC game-day so special and unique.

So, next fall when you tune into an Alabama vs. Auburn game, or a Georgia vs. Tennessee game and the camera rolls across the crowd. Just sit back and admire the passion, fashion, and tradition of the SEC's student sections.