Why WWE Needs To Stop with Bringing in New Guys

Anthony BonnetCorrespondent IJune 22, 2010

If you notice, more than ever, WWE is bringing more and more new guys, not giving the guys who have been there and progressed through the mid-cards a chance to be a main eventer. While Sheamus and Swagger (two of which I like very much—many people will notice I defend these guys a lot) are getting title shots, and title runs, you have guys like Morrison, Kingston, Miz, DiBiase, and others that are getting their progression to the main event scene.

Let me tell you this: For years we watched guys like Triple H, Chris Jericho, Edge, Undertaker, and others take form and become world champions. While many of them were progressing through the stages, never has WWE brought a plethora of new guys in, in such a short amount of time—now, even when the likes of the names I just mentioned retire, there will be too many new guys to send to the "top" of the WWE ranks.

It seems, especially with NXT (and the signings of Nexus—the season one winners), that WWE will not end what they like to call the "New Superstar Initiative."

When we watched WWE in the early 2000's, we watched guys go through their progressions to become a star. There was never a time that WWE (WWF, at the time) would bring in a bunch of guys at once (excluding the WCW guys—there was a reason for all of that)...and they would just bring in guys seldomly, here and there, and that was enough to replenish the roster. Now, the WWE is trying to bring in too many guys, and when it's all said and done WWE will have to get rid of many of these.

Many people blame this and that as the reason why WWE isn't doing well, I'm here to offer a new choice for you to believe in, if you haven't already: The WWE is bringing in too many guys.

We want to see consistency with feuds, right? Too many new wrestlers are being brought in, making many new feuds and killing others prematurely. We want to see consistency in title reigns and who's going for what title, right? Same thing. We want to see different people get main event shots, right? Same damn thing! 

This is the problem with the WWE today. You can say its because of the reasons I list above, but it boils down to too much new talent running around and being wasted. 


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