Colorado Avalanche Resign Marek Svatos, Set Sight on Joe Sakic

Jordan WalshCorrespondent IJuly 25, 2008

The Colorado Avalanche announced the re-signing of Marek Svatos today, canceling all the Svatos trade rumors that have been swirling around the rumor mill, as well as the arbitration hearing scheduled for today.

The deal is said to be two years at a total of $4.1 mil. This is great for the Avalanche, who's offence would not have been much without Marek Svatos.

Personally, I think 2.05 mil a year for Marek Svatos is a steal of a deal. This kid is so underrated and was huge for the Av's all of last year.

This is the same "kid" that scored 32 goals in his rookie season, was injured most of his sophomore year, and rebounded quite nicely in his third season, scoring 26 goals and 11 assists.

He was on pace for about 36 goals on the season, but took an awkward hit into the boards from the King's Jack Johnson and tore his ACL, putting him on the bench for the Av's remaining 14 regular season games.

Now that Marek Svatos is signed, the Avalanche have all their key players under contract except for Joe Sakic. Sakic is expected to make a decision on whether to return to the Avalanche next season or retire, sometime in September.

I believe the Av's season rests on Joe Sakic's shoulders and his decision will impact the Avs significantly. If he does play, I believe they will take the Northwest division title and have a decent chance at winning Lord Stanley's merchandise.

I really hope we get to see another season of  good "ol" Joe Sakic. But either way, he has done a tremendous amount for the Avalanche organization and deserves a huge thank you!