2010 NBA Draft Results: Spurs Take OSU Star James Anderson with 20th pick

Keff Ciardello@@bobcatkeffCorrespondent IJune 25, 2010

Are the Spurs going to trade up?

Are the Spurs going to trade down?

Are the Spurs going to trade Parker?

Leading up to the draft, the Spurs' fans were buzzing with expectations of a huge draft-day trade or just a move of some sort. Although the Spurs stayed the course as they adamantly do year in and year out, Spurs' fans should be buzzing for another reason.

James Anderson, junior from Oklahoma State, was selected with the 20th overall pick by the Spurs. Anderson is a 6'6", 215 pound shooting guard and the reigning Big 12 MVP. Coming out as a junior, his strongest attribute is his shooting ability, averaging 38 percent from beyond the three point line.

Anderson was almost unstoppable on the catch and shoot in college, with his long frame elevating the ball well over his head as he consistently released a near perfect shot. He averaged 22.3 points per game in his final season with OSU and many analysts said that he had the best looking shot of anybody in the draft.

Like Dejaun Blair last draft, Anderson dropped in the draft due to injury concerns. He injured his hamstring during a work-out for the Rockets and wasn't able to work out for other teams.

The Spurs also took Ryan Richards from England late in the second round. Richards is a seven foot 19-year old who won't make his move to the NBA for a few seasons. The Spurs have a history of taking international players and allowing them to continue to progress overseas.

If Tiago Splitter (2007 first round pick) does join the Spurs this summer, then maybe the idea of waiting for Richards could pay off. You can never have too many seven footers.

Anderson is a solid pick for the Spurs. Roger Mason, Jr is a free agent and it is almost a sure thing he is gone. Halfway through last season, he asked for a trade.

Mason's job was a spot up shooter, which is exactly what Anderson does. The main negatives on Anderson's game is his lack of athletic ability and his inability to create his own offense or offense for his teammates (sure sounds like Mason.)

But he can shoot from anywhere and he has height, which is what the Spurs need him for.

The Spurs have other players who can create offense and if the Spurs keep this same squad (yes, even Jefferson and Parker) and add Splitter, the Spurs could be legitimate contenders in 2010-2011.