Dear TNA: Thank You For Turning Abyss Back Into the Monster He Once Was

Mr. TaylorSenior Writer IJune 25, 2010

What's up, Bleaches? ''No time to waste, so let's bleach it!''

As many of you already know, Abyss has taken on the traits of Hulk Hogan's ''Hulkamania'' gimmick in the past few months. But after watching last week's episode of TNA Impact, I think that we all finally witnessed the return of "The Weapon of Mass Destruction''.

I honestly didn't expect Chelsea to help Abyss during his match against Desmond Wolfe, during the eighth anniversary of Slammiversary, but she did and it led to her being in even more hot water with Desmond. I honestly don't know why they paired Chelsea with Abyss for 30 days in the first place. They never really meshed well together and it didn't do either of them any favours.

The first sign of his heel turn came during the first episode of TNA Impact after Slammiversary, when he was having a very rough and intense conversation with Chelsea while she was begging him to take her back, because she didn't want to be with Desmond Wolfe anymore.

Abyss uttered these words: ''Trust're not gonna wanna be around me, after tonight!''

I think that was the beginning of the end of the ''Abyssamania gimmick'' and the beginning of the return of the monster heel that we all know and love. The main event of TNA Impact saw the top three contenders in the TNA World Title ranking list (Abyss, Jeff Hardy, and Mr. Anderson) compete in a triple-threat match to determine who would face RVD for his world title at one of the company's top pay-per-views of the year, Victory Road.

The match was very physical and saw Hardy and Anderson teaming up trying to take Abyss out of the match, but to no avail. The match ended up in a ''No Contest,'' because all of them got counted out, while they all brawled outside the ring. Abyss went completely berserk after the match and literally decimated Anderson and Hardy after he realized how the match had ended. 

Abyss went into a blazing rage and clotheslined both men on to the concrete. He then brought both men back to the ring. After delivering Shock Treatment, Abyss would then beat the living hell out of Hardy with a kendo stick, give a Black Hole Slam to Anderson on some broken glass, and finally, chokeslam Hardy off the stage and through the platform below.

The crowd turned on Abyss and booed him like crazy. It felt good to finally hear the hefty boos that Abyss used to endure back in the old days again. After all this had taken place, Hulk Hogan came out from backstage and was in disbelief of Abyss's actions and started yelling at him.

Abyss would then have the audacity to do the ''YOU'' finger point at Hulk Hogan (the man who made it ridiculously famous), but Hogan would do it right back at Abyss and began to take off his jewelery, getting ready to brawl with the monster. But before the fight could even start, the security would come between them and stop any physical action to take place, ending the show.

Now I don't know about some of you, but that looked like a well-executed heel turn and it's been a long time coming. I would expect to see Abyss have a match against his former mentor, Hulk Hogan (no matter how crappy he is in the ring now) at Victory Road, and no matter how good I would want the match to be, we all know that it will most likely turn out very unsatisfying.

I'm just glad that this stupid ''Abyssamania'' gimmick is finally coming to an end and now, we get to see the evil, vicious, grotesque, merciless, and demented monster Abyss again.

I don't know how long his feud with Hogan will go on, but hopefully it will push him towards winning the world title in the future. They should also bring back "Devil" James Mitchell as his manager, because they really worked well together and he was the one that could really bring out the monster in Abyss, so hopefully he will return to the company.

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