Back To Square One: Who Really Took Out WWE's The Undertaker?

Bryan VelosoContributor IJune 26, 2010

"This is the face of an innocent man..."

Those were the famous last words from a man who had himself and his loyal band of goons burned in the 7th circle of Hell on tonight's episode of SmackDown.

You know what CM Punk? For the first time since you've started the Straight Edge Society, I can agree with you on something.

When we were first greeted with the scenario of a world without the Undertaker after Memorial Day, many of us saw this as an opportunity for Kane to take the reins and make a much overdue rise to the top. I never saw it as a gold run and the writers-that-be have kept it that way.

We've seen a passionate Kane that has been a level above obsessed when it came to bringing the assailants that took out his brother to justice.

While I've joined the rest of the community in enjoying this angle, something hasn't felt right. It started when Kane appeared to call out the participants of SmackDown's Fatal 4-Way match. It didn't feel right for obvious reasons. The Phenom—sent away by Jack Swagger? Nope. Rey Mysterio? Unlikely. The Big Show? Nah, he's high on face at the moment.

So they took the only one left and had Kane chase him out of the building this past Sunday.

CM Punk? Well, he has the Straight Edge Society. But anybody that caught the end of tonight's beating (and had an inkling of suspicion that the Straight Edge Society did vegetate the Undertaker) might have had that suspicion turn to doubt.

It's a hard sell. The fact that tonight's broadcast closed out with Punk running towards the Bank of America across the street from the arena didn't help much. Any semblance of a Straight Edge beating has turned into Kane stomping on the Society and onwards to continue his search. Speaking of stomping, what will be the lasting effect on Punk?

So we're back at square one.

A feeling that can't be shaken is that with as large a force as Undertaker is and considering that his last large angle was cross-brand, could we see this one turn cross-brand as well?

We still have the NXT Nexus wreaking havoc. While we have to wait to see what "appropriate punishment" the new faceless GM of RAW has in store in three days, their "incapacitation" of McMahon this past Monday led to not only Teddy Long getting his groove back but also to the hilarious deportation of "The Chosen One."

To think that SmackDown will stay a spectator to the Nexus' wrath could be accurate, but it would also be a complete under-utilization of what is turning into the angle of the year.

So, with that said—thoughts?