Chuck Liddell Submits In Paris

Derek BedellAnalyst IJuly 26, 2008

Recently there was supposed to be a mega fight between Mauricio "Shogun" Rua and Chuck Liddell in London.  Then Rua got injured and the UFC threw Rashad Evans in to fight Liddell in June.

Then the "Iceman" went down with a hamstring tear and was out of action...fight off.

Because of this, Liddell and about ten of his entourage decided to have a European vacation/ tour, not with the Griswold's, but with Liddell's girlfriend Erin Wilson.

Even though Chuck could not put together a fight plan, there was another plan going on.

This was the time Liddell would propose to his girlfriend at the the Eiffel Tower.

Apparently, there are light shows that go off every thirty minutes and the atmosphere is an incredibly romantic environment for this type of situation, at least a friend told him.

Liddell has never been married and was ready to do it, and do it right.  This seemed perfect.

When Liddell and his crew arrived they waited for the light show...

Then they waited some more...

An hour went by and still no lights.

"I was showing everybody everything in the area, just making stuff up," Liddell says.

Chuck continued to stall for another half hour as a friend of his hinted that the light show would begin any second.

Another half hour rolled by and lights.

At this point everyone was ready to leave.  Liddell realized waiting for the lights has come and gone. 

However,  Liddell got down on one knee and proposed. Wilson, his girlfriend, was speechless for a few seconds, then said yes.

They sealed the deal with a kiss.

As everyone was leaving the typical "ooohhs" and "aaahhs" were heard.

"That kind of sucked, those g*& dam* lights,"  said Liddell.

No wedding date has been set yet.

Now let's see if Liddell can make a smooth move on the Light Heavyweight Title.

With one more win, he could get that shot.

If so, you can guarantee there will be a "light show" that night.

Credit Ryan Hockensmith