WWF to WWE: Was It The Beginning Of The End?

Mikey PugsContributor IJuly 26, 2008

Sad like this man, you all know that the former WWF and now WWE is losing ratings and many fans after decades of loyalty.  I will go over some of the reasons why and tell you all my thoughts on this disaster.

First off;  When wrestling started off many years ago and I started to watch at a very young age they only had 3 belts, and one pay per view a year.  As I grew older so did professional wrestling.  I noticed that I could pick the decisions, and tell when there were going to be count outs because they would want to save things for the pay per view night.  This is when professional wrestling went from that one pay per view which was Wrestle Mania, to one pay per view every month!  Also as the pay per views went up, so did the number of championship belts as well.  Many things increased in wrestling along with Vince McManns greed!

My family here in Central PA watched wrestling for many of years.  Before I was even old enough to realize and remember what was happening around me.  Also with all my family members put together we had well over 100 years of combined wrestling viewing!  Guess what folks?  Myself along with all of my family have stopped watching professional wrestling!  Our Sunday dinner's and All American Wrestling which use to come at noon on USA is no more.  Now we have a night of RAW and a night of SMACKDOWN, and who knows what is next?

This last thought I would like to get out to all the fans and former fans is this;  Alot of people right now due to the American economy being in trouble do not have the funds to pay every month to watch wrestling.  This is what ruined things here folks.  Your following wrestling all month long only to lose out on the main events because you have to put food on your table and gas in your tank.  That is correct Vince, most hard working American people do not have the money every month to pay for your sport when all the other sports are mainly free!  Your greed is costing you money now, you wanted to make more money and now your losing more, and I would be willing to bet it hurts!  I mean really, what is the sense to follow your favorite wrestler or wrestlers all month and then on their biggest day you can not watch them fight?  Professional wrestling has taken a major hit, they struck us first with their greed, and now we are striking back with our refusal to pay every month to see our favorite matches.

I wonder when they are going to start charging us for the playoffs in professional football and baseball?  Will this happen?  It happened in wrestling, and only time will tell.

Thanks Everyone as this is my first article on bleacher report.  Mikey/Pugs/PA