Tajh Boyd. Is He Ready To Take the Reins?

Tom BaumbergerCorrespondent IJuly 1, 2010

In our office there is a lot of orange and purple, particularly around football season. From the three vice presidents down to the youngest of the staff engineers, Clemson alumni are prevalent. There is a smattering of garnet and black. After all, you have to have someone to taunt during football season.

This being my first Clemson Tigers article, I asked around. What should I write about? What's all the talk right now? Kyle Parker, and whether he will play baseball or return as the Tigers QB was the definitive answer.

Before I could get a nice start on my research, Kyle entered the MLB draft. I suppose since Kyle was drafted 26th overall by the Rockies, he'll not be returning. As he is in Colorado now nailing down the details of his future contract, it looks like the die is cast. Sure, he could stay around and play QB next year, get his knee blown out and miss out on both careers.

Though he was predicted to be a second round NFL talent, he wants to be a professional baseball player, not a QB. The projected $1.3 million signing bonus will help make that decision relatively easy for him. Good luck in the majors, Kyle.

I decided I needed another topic.

In my research of Kyle Parker I came across a Bleacher Report article. This question was posed: Is Tajh Boyd ready to take over the Clemson Tigers? I didn't know Tajh Boyd from Taj Mahal. Aaaah Taj Mahal, that's some pretty good music by the way. As I drift back to the subject, I googled Tajh Boyd.

Wow. Tajh Boyd, Clemson Tigers. Tajh Boyd, West Virginia Mountaineers. We seem to have dueling Tajh Boyds. Will the real Tajh Boyd please stand up? Surrounded by controversy is he? I like that. So I dug deeper.

Due to health reasons last year, football was not a priority. I missed the Tajh Boyd drama. A year later, that stuff is still out there on the internet too. So here's where I render up my opinion of Tajh Boyd.

Is he ready?

The talents of the former Army All American High School MVP were sought after by virtually every major front door to the NFL. He narrowed it down to Ohio State, Oregon and Clemson. Tajh Boyd has NFL aspirations.

The No. 4 ranked pro set QB recruit will play on Sunday. In films of the young days of the great football players, you can see a difference. They are just on a different level. In documentary films I've watched of Barry Sanders, Walter Payton, Ricky Williams and the Manning bothers, you could see they were going to play professional football.

The high school films I saw of Tajh Boyd show him running a pro set offense with what appears to be a good command of his team and the offense. Reportedly he adapted well in a short time to the spread offense. That versatility could prove to be an interesting combination considering there is much talk of Clemson's spread offense this year.

With Parker playing professional baseball and Willy Korn transferring to Marshall, Boyd is the clear leader for the starting QB job. While the uncertainty may make some fans feel uneasy, that should subside once Tajh gets a few wins under his belt. That should come fairly early in the season.

Tajh Boyd has been ready to play QB for Clemson all his football life.