NBA Free Agency Rumors: Could Allen Iverson Join Chris Bosh in Miami?

Erik LandauCorrespondent IJuly 8, 2010

Today, LeBron James will end his mythical quest to find a team, and the world will learn whether or not he lands in Miami.

Reports from ESPN's Chris Broussard, among others, suggest LeBron is going to the Heat. At this time, those are just reports.

Let's suppose for the moment that the transaction does occur and Chris Bosh, James, and Dwyane Wade all take their $15 million from Miami. The leftover space under the salary cap would be minuscule. The Heat would still need to sign eight more players to fill out a 12-man roster, assuming that Michael Beasley is traded.

Even with the extra $2 million the league has awarded teams for this upcoming season, there would still be very little for the Heat to do in terms of cap space.

So as the old adage goes, "When you have a problem, find the answer."

Allen Iverson, a former NBA MVP, is not high on the priority list for most of the league, but he can still be a valuable asset. He recently tweeted that he was willing to help any team in any capacity. He also stated that his personal family issues were cleared up and that he could now just focus on basketball.

If this is true, we should not see the Iverson of Memphis or Philadelphia this past year, but rather, a rejuvenated Iverson.

The question for "The Answer" should be whether or not he can accept coming off the bench. If he can find it within himself to eat some humble pie, he would be a killer player to come off the bench and spell point guard Mario Chalmers for this depth-deprived Heat squad.

Neither Pat Riley nor Erik Spoelstra have shown interest at this point, so to fully expect this to happen is naive at best. Iverson finding his niche with a team is always tenuous, so humility is a necessity for Iverson.

The greatest benefit with picking up Iverson now is that he is a player who needs the ball in his hands to be successful, and that is probably what the Heat will need off of their bench.

They will not be able to pool a lot of money into signing any top free agents after the main three have signed. Iverson would be able to give a burst off the bench for a second team that will most likely be defensive minded.

Re-signing Joel Anthony and bringing in veterans like Kurt Thomas and Jerry Stackhouse is what the Heat will be forced to do with limited cap space. I wouldn't be surprised if they tried to reel in Shaquille O'Neal on the cheap as well, since LeBron would be there.

Iverson should not be expected to be an All-Star this season, but if the Heat do bring him in, he could be a valid contributor off the bench. With the lack of interest for his services, Iverson should be a cheap asset to bring in to the team as well.

It's hard to envision Iverson in Miami at first, but he won't have the ability to have an ego on a team run by James and Wade. It's just not going to happen. Iverson would either fall in line or be run out quickly.

Does it happen in the end? Probably not.

First, LeBron has to sign, and second, the Heat have to have the desire to acquire Iverson.

The brightest point of emphasis will be if a 35-year-old Iverson can again "Answer" his critics, something he has done time after time. But the question will be if he'll even be given a chance to do so.