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Welcome all to another edition of The Riddler Report Sport Center                      

Staring The big 5 (The Brain) Ashley Morris, (The Intelligent Theorist) Big Nasty, (Sports analyzer) Buzz, (The young guy of the group) Iam D Real Deal Yo and the opinionist of the group The Riddler aka Mr.Riddler

This week, the five of us throw light on a few debatable topics!

They are as follows-

Rey winning the WHC
Batista’s MMA decision and comments
TNA’s future ECW-faction
Mysterious new GM on Raw
Let get started!

First topic: Rey winning the WHC

Big Nasty:

As a longtime fan of Rey Mysterio, it was nice to see him capture the World Heavyweight Championship for the second time, but from a booking standpoint this was a very puzzling decision.
Jack Swagger has been Smackdown’s upstart Heavyweight champion, and the guy who’s been one of the faces of a very important youth movement in the WWE. Swagger suddenly dropped his Heavyweight Championship to Rey Mysterio after not having established a credible run. Considering the fact that Swagger did clean jobs on TV leading up to the pay-per-view WWEcreative have done Swagger and this youth movement no favors.
I have to now question WWE’s motives after such a puzzling decision. It almost seems as if this was the WWE’s way of thanking Rey Mysterio as Mysterio prolonged surgery and a much deserved vacation to return to the ring after the Undertaker’s unexpected injury.


Honestly speaking, that was a surprise for me at the beginning. He was supposed to be out for surgery, but WWE threw him in the world title instead and he won it.
But after scratching my head for a while, I think that it was obvious. Let me explain why.
After defeating CM Punk at OTL, we all heard that Rey Mysterio was going to take some time off due to knee injury. However, because of Undertaker’s injuries and absence, WWE decided to keep Mysterio for a while.
From this point it became obvious that they had something for him. I mean, why would they add him to the battle royal match if they don’t want him to win? He could have taken his time off and put another rising star instead. And we all know that SD is full of mid-cards who are waiting for their push.
But the moment I saw him at the battle royal, I felt that he’s not here just to be part of the match. It also became more obvious when he lasted till the end with Kane.
During his road to Fatal Four Way PPV, he gained great momentum by pinning Swagger in separate occasions. And again, I asked, “Why would WWE add him to the WHC match if they don’t want him to win?” It was becoming more apparent that WWE are planning to make him the World Champion, and that’s exactly what happened.
I think WWE kept Mysterio after Undertaker’s injury for one reason. They wanted a top face to fill the space Undertaker left.
It was obvious that Jack Swagger’s next feud was going to be against the Undertaker, but due to his injury, it was postponed. So maybe WWE decided to get another face that is really over with the fans, especially kids. It was also said that Mysterio himself demanded a second world title. So WWE thought that they could make Swagger feud with Mysterio, but with Rey as the WHC, not Swagger. A top face as a champion against a rising heel.

Whatever the reason is, I think Rey’s title reign won’t be long. I feel he might lose it after MIB PPV against the winner of the money in the bank ladder match. Or maybe Swagger would retain it, and feud with a returning Undertaker.
Rey may not be the champ by the time Taker returns.
I only found one ironic thing with the whole issue. Rey Mysterio injured Undertaker and put him out for a while. What was WWE’s response? They gave him his spot and the world title. I’m not saying that he should have been punished, but we all know what happened to other wrestlers after botching a move.

Ashley Morris:

I don’t care. It’s not that Rey as WHC is unbelievable, and it’s not that Rey is undeserving of a credible run as WHC (after he was given the belt in tribute of Eddie Guerrero). Rey Mysterio is a talented performer, has a great following, and is capable of putting on some unbelievably awesome matches. But, his second championship run is just not my cup of tea, and apparently it’s not the poison of choice for the brass at the WWE either seeing as he didn’t even make an appearance on Smackdown after he won the belt (Sheamus did…).
So I really can’t call this direction one of my favorite WWE storyline moments. The win was shocking, but it’s the follow-through that will always mess up even the best potential storylines. They’ve already done the giant-killer, “littlelest big man” thing with Rey Mysterio, and he’s already pinned Swagger like forty-million times. The question that remains is, how will he keep his title when the top two competitors for the #1 contender’s spot (Swagger and Big Show) can crap piles of poo that weigh more than Rey Mysterio?

I would hope that the debuting Antonio Del Rio (Dos Caras Jr.) would enter into a feud with Rey, giving WWE fans some awesome lucha libre action. But that would be too much like right, so I’m really not thrilled at the prospect of Rey killing more giants. I’ll pass on this one.

Iam D Real Deal Yo:

Rey being the WHC is not a move I am a fan of at all!

First of all, I would like to say that even though I respect him for giving his best in the ring every time and I too would have surely given him one more title reign, but now is the not the time.

First of all, the idea made no sense, because we are trying to push Swagger. By making him loose to a small guy we pushed him down from the peak he had reached.

Secondly he has a feud planned with The Undertaker at or after Summer Slam! So, he will be getting the title back in the next PPV or the one following it.

This thing reduces the credibility which the WHC has! I mean these short 1-2 month reigns are of no use at all so putting the title on Rey “just for a change” is absolutely a useless idea.

Second Topic: Batista’s decision to join MMA

Big Nasty:

Batista in MMA will be a great draw and could be the shot in the arm that the Strikeforce promotion needs after their top heavyweight, whose gimmick was his perceived invincibility, recently lost.
While Batista will definitely bring a healthy audience with him to any major MMA promotion, his age, laundry list of history, and experience are all question marks that lead me to believe he wouldn’t be too successful in the field.
After all, there’s already a book out on how to gameplan against Batista in a fight, and it was written by Booker T.


Honestly speaking, I can’t judge how good Batista could be for MMA. I do watch some MMA matches, but I can’t specify exactly if he can make it for several reasons.
I don’t know a lot about his wrestling background, but I doubt he has MMA background. The only background he has is pro wrestling.
Though he has been training for a while, but I don’t think he’ll be able to make an impact there. He’s 41, and I think it’s going to be a bit tough for him.
It only depends on how ready he is to train and improve.

Ashley Morris:

I think it’s a bunch of crap as well.
Pro wrestlers have a hard time in the “real” world. The average human being walking the streets use the words “fake” and “staged” interchangeably. As a result, they often insult pro wrestlers and fans by saying that wrestling is “fake,” meaning that anything and everything that happens in the ring isn’t real.
So pro wrestlers have to exercise a peculiar level of patience, as their “manliness” and “toughness” are often tested in bars, restaurants, etc.

In a way, I feel that a pro wrestler’s jump to MMA is a way to prove to the average person that they’re indeed “tough.” At the same time, MMA seems to be the new thing for people to be interested in, so naturally if a wrestler leaves a company but still years to entertain and maintain his/her “toughness,” they’ll make the jump to the next nearest cash cow.

I’m not really a fan of MMA, and I can remember back when it was banned across the nation and only allowed in 6 states (my home state being one of those 6 states). I didn’t follow Brock Lesnar when he made the jump, I damn sure didn’t follow Bobby Lashley, and I really won’t follow Batista.
To me, it just kinda seems that the primadonnas in wrestling, i.e. those who’s hearts weren’t really into it, are the ones that are REALLY speaking out about making the jump. Sean O’Haire went into MMA (I think), and that barely made a blip on our radar. Batista goes, and now all of a sudden it’s a big deal? Please spare me.

Iam D Real Deal Yo:

Batista going to MMA is a move which I for one won’t recommend at all!

I do agree that he has got the body for it, but MMA won’t be suitable for him at all.

First of all, age is not on his side and it will not be easy to cope up with a whole new concept.

Secondly, that guy needs to train a lot to be considered a MMA Fighter and it will not be easy at all and he might just end up being an “ordinary fighter” on that show that’s all.

I am not saying that it is bad!

It has advantages as well, because Batista can help in the marketing of the product but Batista won’t benefit from it at all.

Considering the fact that he lives like a King! He will not be a top star in MMA and I guess that it will be a bad move for “him”

With that said, the negatives have out numbered the positives so I am going to give it a thumb down.

Third Topic: TNA’s Future ECW Faction:

Big Nasty:

TNA’s possible ECW invasion angle is just another example of how the promotion is attempting to live in the past in order to go forward, and traditionally that just doesn’t work.
Just think of the sales pitch: “TNA’s moving to HD, in prime time, with a brand new set…but the same old wrestlers! Now, you can see Hogan’s wrinkles…in HD! You can see Flair’s Manboobs…in HD! You can see each and every member of the Imact zone rolling their eyes in disgust…wait for it…in HD!”
TNA needs NEW ideas. The Attitude Era is over, and once TNArealizes this, they will quite possibly be well on their way to making some noise in the pro wrestling landscape.
The only positive in all this is the possibility of Paul Heyman making an imminent return, as I feel his presence will be a breath of fresh air for a promotion that desperately needs (another) one.


What are TNA plans exactly? Are they trying to be extreme? I thought they’re already extreme with all the edgy matches and blood. So what is the point behind this? ECW is something dead long time ago.
The only good thing is having another show.
Till now, I’ve heard a lot about Paul Heyman coming to TNA, but it doesn’t have to be ECW faction. And it is not certain yet.

Ashley Morris:

It’s going to suck.
TNA has been in the pro wrestling business for eight years, and honestly the growth they’ve experienced is not what one would expect for any company that’s trying to make huge strides forward.
Sure, the improved sets, the HD broadcasts, the talent and production values of the product has increased tremendously. However, the fans viewing the product hasn’t. If you really want to compete with Vince McMahon’s machine, you’ve GOT to do better with your product. Oh, that’s right, they’re not competing with Vince anymore. Oh well.

TNA relies TOO much on older veterans to bring noteriety to their product, and this ECW faction idea shows that they’re only concerned with stealing fans instead of creating a bigger, larger, and more rabid fan base for their product. It’s almost like nobody inTNA remembers that ECW really appealed to a small section of pro wrestling fans during a particular era. Say what you will about WW ECW, but Vince really did take the company global from a marketing standpoint. TNA at this point can barely attract fans from across the street from the Impact Zone.
TNA should really reboot the entire company and promote its own stars instead of giving the spotlight to these friendly faces under the guise of “helping the young guys.” Please; Desmond Wolfe came into the company on fire and now he’s busy being everybody’s easy win. If that’s helping the young guys, I’ll take the Samoa Joe method of problem solving and say “I’ll gladly be a curtain jerker in the WWE than work for TNA.”

Iam D Real Deal Yo:

The ECW Faction to me seems just another over hyped move that will be useless!

The reason why it won’t work is-

First of all, these invasion story lines have already been worked in the future and with the WWE doing it recently; there will not be so much of excitement.

Secondly, most of the A-class wrestlers like Tazz who lived, ate and breathed Extremeness are not going to be there.

Then, these guys are all weathered away and not at their fighting best.

Also, Hogan and Bishoff have a problem of butting in and forcing their opinions hence we can’t expect that same magic again

With that said, the NXT Invasion will surely suck to the say the least

TNA! Does not need to dwell on the greatness of Hogan and The Band!

They need to make a huge, well thought out and –shocking- to say the least, move.

Some thing like Vince launching the Attitude Era!

I am not saying that they do the same thing but some thing like that will work for sure. They need to utilize the un-mined talent and keep the old veterans away from the ring and be original and not copy what the WWE does or what WCW did.

Fourth and final topic: Mysterious RAW GM

Big Nasty:

This angle is indeed very intriguing, but if anything, it’s helping (possibly unintentionally) Michael Cole get over as a heel. Every time he goes up to read one of those e-mail’s, the crowd instantly turns on him.
I know one certain group of people who are happy about this new anonymous GM, and that’s the Apple Computer people.
Ingenious product placement. Although I hope it stops here. If McDonald’s get’s their greasy hands on this RAW product placement concept, could you imagine how annoying THAT would be?
“Ladies and gentlemen, the anonymous GM is now this McDonald’s drive thru speaker. The anonymous GM’s announcements will be accompanied by the ‘Ba-da-ba-da-baa! I’m lovin’ it!’ jingle to accompany his announcements.”
And we thought the guest host concept was bad.


I gave up on hoping for any improve at RAW. Every time they have an angle, they just screw everything.
I think WWE doesn’t want a permanent GM for RAW. How many times have they hired and fired GMs? We’ve been having countless GMs hired for a while before being fired.
Why don’t we have a permanent manager for a while like on SD?
What’s the silly point behind this mysterious GM? Just name Michael Cole as GM, without those stupid emails.
Okay, I’m interested in knowing who the GM is. But we’re all used to RAW’s messes. So I’m not really enthusiastic about the whole thing.
My only hopes are that by the time they announce the mysterious GM, they make him as the permanent GM for a while.

Ashley Morris:

As hokey as this set up seems, I think it’s good for the company.
It does provide an air of mystery for RAW, and while fans are busy guessing who the GM may be, the email updates given to fans by the despised Michael Cole are sure to add some heat to the happenings on RAW.
I won’t speculate on who this GM could be, as it really could be a number of individuals, including someone that has yet to debut in the WWE. I think that’s a part of the fun with the angle. This really seems to be a version of the “WWE Management” angle they were going with before Mr. McMahon made his return to TV. You’ve got some weirdy cubbied up in an office somewhere making decisions for the show, and all the while you’re mad at an invisible character. You’re frustrated, you’re highly upset, you’re pissed off, and there’s nothing to direct your anger at. Those raw emotions keep us tuned in to the program, waiting for the payoff to all of our questions. It’s good TV, and honestly, that’s what’s keeping both the WWE and TNA watchable at the moment; the questions, the lack of answers, and the mystery surrounding the “thems and theys” that manipulate our emotions with the tug of a string here and there.

Iam D Real Deal Yo:

The anonymous GM on RAW is some thing that I am looking forward to and I really find that concept extremely interesting.

First of all, it keeps the crowd at the edge of their seats and hence RAW after a long time seems to have some bit of “it” factor.

Then, there is the million dollar question: Who is the GM After all?

The possibilities are endless and people can do nothing but scratch their brains out and that makes it really fun.

The announcement made by the GM with a ring of “hint” around it really keeps the fans coming back for more.

Also, it is giving Michael Cole some heel personality so it has a lot of positives and that is what makes this a great move.

I am all for the Anonymous GM!

But I hope that they don’t stretch it like the Nexus thing, also I hope that some one like Triple H or Chris Jericho is revealed to be the master mind behind it.

All said and done this idea kick’s a$$!

Now it time for The host’s AKA Mr. Riddler’s Opinion

1) I will agree with all of you on your points about Rey and about the situation.TBH! I find this a bit disrespectful that Rey won the title in spite off injuring The Undertaker, not wanting to put anyone over, asking for more money every 3 months, failing the wellness policy and then causing a scene saying he was going to quit, he has been out of shape and having 2-3 years still under his belt I don’t understand why they gave him another WHC tittle run.

I understand that he is over with the kids and he has some older fans but in this age were the WWE is struggling to make new stars like Swagger and still giving the title to Mysterio! How does that make any sense?
In a economical sense it won’t change the sales of his merchandise, it won’t give him more adult fans and neither will it do any thing good for SmackDown. I want to accept that I respect what Rey has done for the Lucha Libre and Pro wrestling industries but even with his reputation at this time he does nothing for wrestling aside from selling merchandise a la John Cena.

2) I want to make this short and simple. Batista has got a huge ego problem. He wasts to rival someone who can not be named but I think anyone here who knows me knows who I am talking about. Thinking of him as a top star. News flash Batista you’re not a very good actor, you suck at wrestling and at the end of your career you finally started to get interesting on the mic.! sorry but to late. And now you want fight in a sport were you have to be at your fighting best just to survive? Sorry David but your big muscles are not going save you from a good upper cut or a submission.

3) This one I didn’t give a lot of thought because I didn’t need to. It is a stupid idea that ECW will never get old sorry to say it but it is old. After the WWE destroyed and cancel ECW it should have been the end and should have been allowed to rest in peace. But sadly like a zombie from George Romero Night of The Living Dead it just keeps coming back. Now TNA is the new necromancer and wants use the last little bit of life ECW has to get new views. News flash TNA: NOBODY CARES!

I’m sorry to say this but ECW is dead as a rock and it should stay that way. ECW had it’s returns after the WWE completely ruined it. It is really sad to see that it will get ruined again in another company. ONLY way this could work is if they get Paul Heyman. There rumors everywhere that he might go there and interviews about him calling TNA a piece of dog crap. So I honestly don’t know as to what is going to happen in the coming 3 months, but I will say this if the savior by the name of Paul Heymen does not come and save TNA. I don’t see TNA lasting more that 2-3 years if even that. Because without a doubt in my mind he is TNA’s last chance at survival.

4) I am going to stop the rumors right now! no Stone Cold is not the new GM. They are just using his catchphrases to get people talking about the angle and to give Stone Cold some attention (he has a couple of movies on the way) and even if he was it would just suck because we would not get the real Stone Cold. We will just get a scripted Stone Cold just like the one we saw on WWE TV not so long ago. My guess is The Rock, you are probably going to ask your self: Why the rock? Well it makes a lot of sense. For Months now he has been hinting on doing an angle or shows with the WWE this summer and won’t necessarily involve Wrestling. So it safe to say that it is the Rock but I am not saying that this is the only possibility.
Now do I like the angle? I think it is fine… for now. If it is the rock it could result in a very interesting angle and if the mystery GM is Cole, then we will hate him even more. But until the GM is not revealed, it is mediocre at best.

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