Are you ready for some football?

Allen ParrishCorrespondent IJuly 28, 2008

It is that time of the year.  The time of year when the heat beats down on us and covers us like a warm blanket.  While we toil away at our everyday jobs, thousands of young men across this country begin their journey.  Filled with hopes and dreams of a lifetime inside them, they lace up their cleats strap on their helmets and hit the field.  We see the opening product in a few weeks, make no mistake the teams are made now.  What kind of season will we have this year?  Will it return to normal with the big dogs roaming the top keeping everybody else at bay?  Will last year start a trend where nobody is safe?  Last year was very enjoyable.  More upsets than I can imagine.  I wonder though in the chaos of the year did we really end up with the best two teams in the end?  I do not think so myself.  I will not sit here and try to debate who were the best teams last year, I will simply say in my opinion the national championship game did not have the best teams participating.  I enjoy the upsets, the bragging rights, the smack talk that goes along with upsets.  However, many forget just because you found a way to beat a team once, does not take away the fact that team is indeed better than you are.  Things happen in the course of a game, many have no explanation.  The way the ball bounces the cliche goes.  I think this year will hold great surprises for people.  I expect a player to explode, and wow the world of college football.  I expect a program to be exposed.  There will be at least 1 major college coach quit/retire/fired in disgrace.  I also expect this year to more closely resemble the years we have grown accustomed to.  Before the first game of the year I will give my predictions, then sit back and see how well they turn out.  Keep checking through the year as I give my personal opinions and insight in the great game we all love.