Disgusting,Disrespectful Presentation: Miami "Super Team"

David O'Brien@DavidObrien19xCorrespondent IJuly 10, 2010

 You'll have to forgive me, this is my first article in many months. I thought I would start with the HOTTEST topic in all sports. Everyone seems to have an opinion about the 2011 NBA Champions. Who in fact have not actually won anything.

About 24 hours after Lebron made his big decision that he claimed to have made THAT very morning which is very far from the truth. Everybody knew this was planned out for months probably even years. As Bosh seemed to point out with a slip of tounge.

Come on, being very close in the olympics and making their contract expiration years the exact sametime was not a coincidence.

This "pep rally" presentation was completly disrespectful. A deeper steak into the heat of Cleveland fans. Lebron James completely quit on his City his state, his fans. He abandoned a suffering city going far beyond sports. The revenue he brought kept the econmy afloat. His jerseys and souvineirs paid for out of the pockets of many of his fans did as well.

What exactly was everyone a witness of? He is no Jesus

A self-declared "King" even before he was drafted. Kings are Loyal, Honorable and are great leaders. Lebron has shown to be otherwise.

As a player I still like him. As a person from what has come out in the wash well that is up in the air.

As far as this "Super team" is concerned. They have done absolutley nothing. No championship, No wins, not even a single point.

Bosh surely won't bring them a championship. He was the leading scorer of the Toronto raptors it really doesn't say much.

D-Wade is the only one of them that knows the feeling of winning a title. Can it happen again? Yes. Will it happen this year? No.

The simple fact is there is three egos on one team. It takes five men on a court to play a regulation game. A decent bench is needed as well. With about ten million left in cap space for the Heat. it will fall in place soon enough.

Until next June or at least the Heat finally step on the court. No is set in stone. Don't believe the hype.thing