Tennessee Titans: Madden 2011 Ratings Breakdown

Blaize PenningtonCorrespondent IJuly 12, 2010

Every year, Electronic Arts (EA) releases NFL team ratings before their feature NFL title, Madden, comes out. This year, they took it a step further and released many of the teams' player ratings. 

This year the Titans are rated an overall 77. This is a little disappointing considering their 8-2 run at the end of the season last year. One of the biggest surprises was that the offensive line as a whole went down in rating, regardless of the fact Chris Johnson rushed for 2000 yards.

For a full look at the Madden 2011 Titans' ratings click here .

There are many ratings I would have changed if I was in charge of making the ratings. Unfortunately, I have absolutely no say in what players are rated, so I will have to settle for criticizing the ratings EA has provided. Here is a list of the top five overrated and underrated Titans players.


Top Five Overrated

1) Jacob Ford (79 overall) —Ford is a great backup defensive lineman, but he is just that, a backup. He is rated the same as rookie Derrick Morgan and eight points above the other starting defensive lineman William Hayes. I would lower him to a 73 or 74. 

2) David Thornton (79 overall) —Thornton is about to lose his starter position thanks to age and how injury prone he is. Basically Gerald McRath is going to be starting this year, other than the first four games. I would have bumped Thornton down to a 72 or 73. 

3) Craig Stevens (70 overall) —Stevens is a good tight end, but he is rated over Jared Cook, who is above Stevens on the depth chart. I would have Stevens at a 67 or 68. 

4) Leroy Harris (78 overall) —Harris is the new starter on the offensive line. He is good, but based on how an 80 overall is considered an above average player, I would put Harris around a 74 or 75. 

5) Alvin Pearman (66 overall) —Pearman is very far away from being the starter or even the backup. However, EA has listed him just one point behind Javon Ringer who is the decided backup.


Top Five Underrated

1) Brett Kern (68 overall) —This rating really baffles me. Kern is both in the top 10 in the league in average punt distance and in punts inside the 20 yard line. One of his best stats is as a starting punter last year he went 14-2. 6-0 for the Broncos and 8-2 for the Titans. I would have put Kern around an 85.

2) Rennie Curran (64 overall) —Curran was the leading tackler in the SEC last year. I understand he is a rookie this year, but so is Damian Williams who was rated a 71 overall and was drafted in the same round as Curran. Alterraun Verner who was taken the round after Curran was rated a 66. Even Robert Johnson who was taken in the fifth round has the same rating as Curran. I would put Curran at a 68. 

3) William Hayes (71 overall) —Hayes has been starting since last season when he took over for Jevon Kearse. During training camp the second defensive end spot is his to lose. He played very well last year for the Titans and should be rated much higher. I would put him at a 77.

4) Jason McCourty (68 overall) —McCourty is the expected starter in the second cornerback spot, even before Rod Hood was injured. However, EA rated both Tye Hill and Hood higher by two points. I would move McCourty up to a 71. 

5) David Stewart (89 overall) —This one may be greedy, but Stewart was a huge part of Chris Johnson's 2000 yard season. He is one of the best right tackles in the game and should at least be over a 90.