Can we get a new rankings system on register 5?

Berry CannonContributor IJuly 28, 2008

If you remember during the great season of '07 we had a very curious situation with the BCS rankings. LSU (2 losses) and Ohio State (1 loss) played each other in the National Championship game. (A bowl game that lets the top two really battle is out, while letting other teams grab in the four major bowl games) I do recall seeing the week before these two teams were officially named the #1 and #2 teams, two other teams were ahead of them. What happened to them?

LSU and Ohio State JUMPED THEM! And for what reason? The other two teams had played before? Nobody wanted to see some 3rd ranked team play in the National Bowl? Whatever the reason, it was screwed up. If anyone should have been #1, it should have been Hawaii (undefeated). Sure you could argue that they were torn up by Georgia in the Sugar Bowl (Ouchies, I feel sorry for Hawaii) and they had a weak schedule, but they were undefeated. Anyone who is undefeated in my book should be made #1, or pretty close to it.

There needs to be a new BCS system. Something in the poll has to be weighted differently.And possibly a playoff system should be instated, playing 3 or 5 games for the National Championship. I have made a ranking system myself on the wins and losses of the teams last year. I'm going to see how it turns goes this year and see how it turns out. All in all: BCS change your system...Pretty please? For all of us.




This article was entirely written on memory. I may be wrong on some of the team names, etc,.... If you catch a mistake please alert me and I'll change it ASAP.