Thinking Outside the Nexus: How to Restore Their Legitimacy

Nicholas LeVackContributor IIJuly 12, 2010

Since Bryan Danielson's untimely (and controversial, but if you want to read about that, search Daniel Bryan and read the dozens of articles that each reiterate the obvious—"It was bullshit!"—observation) release, the Nexus angle has lost considerable viewer interest.

With Justin Gabriel and Wade Barrett being the only Nexus members whom the average Internet Wrestling Community (IWC) member sees as having any business in a ring, there isn't as much reason to be vested in their story progression.

I mean, really, does anyone care if Heath Slater manages to keep his contract? Would it be so terrible to live without his flashy offense that has no real substance?

Now that the Nexus has only two wrestlers most people care for, it seems that the most obvious solution would be to do what the NXT pros sought to avoid, which was letting the second season rookies follow in the season one rookies' footsteps.

On that episode, the pros "initiated" (aka, beat the shit out of) the NXT rookies to put them off the idea of joining their NXT predecessors.

While that made for a good first episode, I don't think anyone would terribly mind if we forgot it happened and had some of the second-season rookies join the Nexus, anyway.

I've felt that this second season had some really strong performers. Namely, Kaval (Low Ki), Alex Riley, and Michael McGuillicutty (Joe Hennig) all show enough wrestling prowess to feel like legitimate competition for the resistance Nexus gets from the Raw superstars.

Additionally, while Eli Cottonwood isn't exactly a refined ring technician, the big-man presence he'd supply would make Nexus feel like an actual threat.

Giving those four the spots of the Nexus' weakest members (Heath Slater, Darren Young, Michael Tarver, and Skip Sheffield—I think WWE is high enough on Otunga's mic skills to keep him on) could turn them into a formidable stable.

Plus, perhaps during Raw's weekly beat downs, we'll see more than a few clotheslines and a botched spinebuster by David Otunga.

Yes, that would be great!

Most importantly, this reformation could yield a boost in Raw's ratings.

The only reason most fans seem to care about the Nexus' bottom four is that they partake in unruly assaults. As individuals, they don't stand out.

However, both Kaval and Michael McGuillicutty have grown into considerably over faces by NXT standards (they aren't very high since most wrestlers behaved like tweeners last season), while Alex Riley perhaps generates the most heel heat of any current or prior rookie.

Those individuals are the ones who would really benefit from the push of the Nexus angle. Slater, Young, Sheffield, and Tarver I don't see staying on long after the storyline reaches its climax.

It would be a better investment of Kaval, Hennig, and Riley's talents to put them in that group, while symbiotically adding to the significance of the stable.

If we saw any of this played out on Raw, I could then see big things in the futures of each individual wrestler, as well as the quality of Monday Night Raw.

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