To The End Of Something Special, Anyway, Let's Hope not, Fedor Emilianenko!

jason hughesCorrespondent IJuly 14, 2010

Second from left ,was a young man, boyish in his looks and not very photgenic,  at the least , a kid himself, doing something either he loved or had to do, it matters no more.

That was a long long time ago and a very different life for many who, if had half a brain will call the greatest mixed marts arts athelete to ever grace our prescence, and yes I did say the best, better than Gracie, Lesnar, Rutten,Couture, Silva, St.Pieere,Penn and all the other countless MMA athtletes I have grown to love over the last 25 years.

As much as i called it a while back in one of my articles that the great Fedor Emilanenko would lose within the next two years I never thought that it would happen so fast.

As for sheer human born stenghth, I was just sure he would power out of that pictue perfect triangle choke but as the seconds turned into seemingly hours it was like watching the Diamondbacks beat Rivera, Douglas lay waste to Tyson, N.C State beat Phi-Slamma-JAMMA, IT WAS ,WELL UNEXPECTED!

So let the Fedor hating begin and end here. There will be no hating on this 37 year old man's heart, Fedor had the single best run in all of MMA and to that my friend I salute you.

You will fight again but I fear that you have been fighting on borrowed time for a while, unwilling to adapt to a sport that is in itself an ever evolving myriad of names, winners,losers people who fight once and realize that they are not made for the sport, and to the new breed of super heavyweights, no Fedor my main man I would like you to put the gloves down for now , call it a day, love your wife a little more, hold your girls a little tighter, not to tight,HAHA.

TAKE SOME TIME OFF! go back to the weights, the famous mountain runs that you practically invented for everyone else could use your idea to use high altitude training.

And if in a year or so you get that itch back and would like to try it again your spirit,your blood, your faith in all that is good will shine again the true MMA world would accept you with broken arms.

Even a dummy could see that the pressure was getting to you, a little sadness you could call it, not the that the blank stare hasn't always been there but it was a darker stare, like you had been on the job to long and needed a retreat.

Your face can never lie to a die hard fan, so as i sat in that jail cell trying to convince all the kids that you were the Brock Lesnar of MMA for ten plus years and then watching my first real Fedor loss with the same kids for the first time it meant so much more to me that I ate my crow, listened about Carwin, and Lesnar, and Velaquez, and then out of sight of the new breed, chuckled just a bit smiled, and continued with my fried chicken.

You have never played the fool and have shone as much class as anyone fighter I haver witnessed, genetically blessed with strength and yet eqaualized with metabolim problems, MAYBE THAT LITTLE BEER GUT IS WHY YOU HAVE BEEN MY FAVORITE FIGHTER SINCE I FIRST SAW YOU DEMOLISH SEMMY SCHILT...............GOD SPEED YOU EMPORER!