Heel and Face Outcomes from Raw's Money in the Bank Ladder Match

Huw EvansContributor IJuly 14, 2010

At current the WWE’s main man and heel is the human jar of mayonnaise, the angry Ronald McDonald A.K.A. Sheamus. Now first things first I have no problem in particular with the current WWE champion, I like his move set, I like how his gimmick is not all about being from Ireland like fellow country man Finaly’s gimmick is and also I really like his intro music.

In the WWE’s upcoming PPV “Money in the bank” Sheamus defends his title against the man every young wrestling fan wants to have their picture with John Cena in a steel cage which should be a “classic” as John Cena more than likely overcomes all the odds and strips the pale Irishman of his title.

Now providing this result comes in (obviously no guarantee) then this sets up one of the heel participants in raws money in the bank match to cash in his money in the bank in the next couple months. The main heel wrestlers in raw’s match are Chris Jericho, Edge, The Miz and Ted Dibiase and I am already cancelling out Jericho as it is widely known he is putting over the younger stars now in his career, leaving it between the other 3. I can unfortunately see either Miz or Dibiase winning it over Edge as Edge has been there, done that and WWE can’t be seen to be going to the well too many times.

Miz already has history with Cena when Miz still wore his Diamond studded trilby and with the push Miz is receiving after his promo a couple of weeks ago on Randy Orton that Edge interrupted  about being the first United States and WWE champion. Dibiase on the other hand has showed all the sign of being very mid-card recently. He at current has no rivalries, no promos other then THE A-team sketch and is apparently going to be leading a stable once Curt Hennings son recovers from injury. With all this in mind I believe that if John Cena is to defeat Sheamus in their Steel cage match then Miz will be the owner of Raw’s money in the bank ladder match.

On the Face side of the match Randy Orton, Evan Bourne, John Morrison and what would have been R-Truth are the participants. Now obviously someone has to replace R-Truth and to date I have not heard or even be able to think of who that may be so that leaves it between Orton, Bourne and Morrison.

Evan Bourne has been on a sky rocketing push of late being involved in a rivalry with Chris Jericho and winning over the fans, the only thing going against Bourne is his lack of big match experience as he has never held a title in the WWE so I believe he will not be a legitimate contender for the briefcase. The next participate is the viper, the apex predator Randy Orton who is already a 6 time Heavyweight champion and the youngest man to hold the WWE’s top title. Orton comes into this match the favourite as he has looked very impressive in the build-up to money in the bank but I believe the winner of the briefcase will be between the former stars of “the dirt sheet”.

I have already named Miz as my pick of the heel’s to win and now I shall explain why the Shaman of sexy will possess the briefcase come the raw following money in the bank. Morrison has all the credentials, the look, the moves, the persona that is looked for in a wrestler, he is already being compared to the one wrestler Ric Flair has called the best ever Shawn Michaels and he has already been the holder of gold and is close to reaching the top of the WWE. Can anybody remember Morrison doing a moonsault whilst holding a ladder in the only money in the bank ladder match he has previously competed in? Think that speaks for himself I think.

So I leave it to you the reader to decide for you who you think will come out as the winner, I know who I am backing, so feel free to comment.

Thanks for reading.