Does Rey Winning WWE's WHC Point to a Secret Realistic Push for Swagger?

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Hello readers, recently we saw Rey Rey win the WHC. At first a lot of fans where mad because of this decision as he had injured many wrestlers with his knee brace, was un-willing to put over other wrestlers and was asking for a raise all the time.

He wasn’t even entertaining like he used to be and at times was pretty stale! This decision did not even allow Swagger the opportunity to get over with the fans and develop the way we wanted him to.

At first I thought it was politics because Rey Rey was not even scheduled to win the title and he was added just as a substitute for Taker. But after Swagger’s recent actions against the big show and against Rey himself, I realized as to why was he given the title.

This is secretly a push for Swagger. I know that may sound a bit weird but hear me out.

Ever since Rey won the title, Swagger has been out shinning him by showing off a dominant new submission hold, making the world largest athlete suffer and almost breaking Rey’s toe on two different occasions.

It obvious for me that Rey is a transitional champion and I believe Swagger will win this Sunday and show his dominance as a heel. Also if he really is guilty of attacking The undertaker we could see a great feud at SummerSlam.

The Undertaker is the master at putting young guys over and making them look good so I think he is just what Swagger needs to become a believable dominating champion.

I don’t know about you guys but it is about time they push another young wrestler. After hardy getting fired, punk put in the sidelines and Sheamus becoming just another person in the main event scene. So, it would be nice if Swagger dominated SmackDown.

What do you readers, think?

Did you agree or disagree?

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