My Take On "Captain Charisma" Christain!

L. KeithContributor IIJuly 15, 2010

William Jason Reso, better known to all as Christain, is a man known by many names. Whether it's "Captain Charisma", "The New People's Champion", or my personal favorite, "The Instant Classic", the one name that has eluded this talented wrestler is World Champion in the WWE!

Christain has been a World champion in TNA twice, and even though many IWC fans don't want to recognize his ECW title reign as a legit World championship, he was still considered a World champion when he held the ECW title. I truly don't understand why a man of his talents has never been the WWE champion or World champion. In this writers humble opinion, he is much better than Edge, Cena, Sheamus, Swagger, and Rey Mysterio, but he can't catch a break.

I know some will not agree with what I'm saying, but here me out as I defend my reason for saying he is better than the men mentioned. His mic work is over with the crowd, whether he is a heel or a face. His wrestling ability is very underrated, as he can wrestle a technical match, or he can execute high flying moves in the ring. He is a true company man, which was proven when his contract was up with the WWE, but he still particapated in the Cyber Sunday pay per view in the event that he was selected.

Christain is 36 years old. Though he is not an old man, his time is running out and I for one would like to see him win this Sundays MITB match, and then cash it in on Rey Mysterio to become the new World Heavyweight Champion! Guys like Sheamus and Drew Mcintyre shouldn't be the WWE champion or getting the push that they have because they have not paid as many dues as Christain or Matt Hardy for that matter.

IWC fans having been clamoring for a Christain WHC title run, and I think he is well overdue. The thought is that Vince Mcmahon does not like Christain for going to TNA and being the man there, but if that's the case, why bring him back? To hold him down? That's the ego driven Mcmahon I guess, but still, Christain continues to put on good matches and continues to be over with the WWE crowd. It's time for the man with many names to add another to his list and that name is World Heavyweight Champion!