WWE Divas: Smart, Sexy, and Powerful, Yet No Soul

Jamal ParkerCorrespondent IJuly 16, 2010

Hey Fellow Bleacher Reporters and commenters!

Many people on Bleacher Report and IWC have expressed their opinions and feelings regarding the Diva's Division in the WWE.

It's become a common element of the IWC to criticize the Diva's Division and Women's Wrestling itself. In fact, to some, it's become so pointless and horrid that they suggest getting rid of the division itself! All kinds of complaints are stirred throughout!

On Bleacher Report, it's the lack of wrestling ability and quality matches, while on YouTube, it's the lack of striptease and a stupid PG rating preventing anything that happened in the Ruthless Aggression and Attitude Eras.

What's really become of the women's wrestling Product? Is it the lack of performance and wrestling skills? The lack to get pop from a sold out crowd? The lack of the sex and striptease acts WWE once had? I'll tell you, it's the lack of soul and emotion from the Diva's themselves.

To be extremely honest here, whenever I see a Divas match, it's like watching a pair of robots with extreme loads of make up try and sell a pointless match. It's two or three minute matches that do nothing but help the broadcast get over a little time. The singles competitors show no determination and perseverance to gain a title. It's like "I just came here to get paid and show off my body" type of thing.

It's ridiculous, and no matter how screwed people think WWE may be right now, at least their men's division has singles competitors who show passion in their work to achieve a World Title.

For example, Eve showed almost no determination to get the title back while she was at the announce table on RAW until the anonymous guest host announced she'd have a match at Money In The Bank. The Divas who have no title aren't encouraged otherwise to try to achieve the title. Which makes no sense, especially considering how small the division is.

The Champions in the Diva's division often don't say or recognize the title as a major achievement in the process in their careers. I mean, not even the heels brag about it too much.

The past two Diva's Champs we had on RAW, Alicia Fox and Eve, have not even acknowledged the fact that it's their first title win, no emotion put into the win, and no emotion in trying to defend the title. While Smackdown's Diva's do exhibit some of the emotion into the their show, it's sometimes not enough.

What's hurting RAW the most, though, the most confrontation before a title match is a simple little interview with Josh Matthews or the Diva's Champ showing off the Diva's belt to the challenger where little words are exchanged, rarely any physical confrontation until the match, and little to no charisma anywhere.

Alicia Fox is going to defend her Diva's Title against Eve this Sunday at Money In The Bank.

As much as this goes against the law of kayfabe it seems that Alicia Fox the heel is generating more emotion than Eve. I like both Divas, but it seems Eve needs more of a boost when it comes to terms of charisma. Every time she steps into the ring, it's the same smile, same attitude, same everything. If she showed more determination and soul when it comes to competing for a title, then it'd be a bit more interesting.

Diva's should show more of a competitive side to their performance. They exhibit it in real life, so wouldn't it make sense to do so in the Wrestling ring?

While most of the heels do like Alicia, Maryse, Layla and Michelle, the faces seem to care less. I like Eve, Kelly Kelly, and Tiffany, but it's almost impossible to go in there in a ring and play friendly most of the time. I get it they are good girls, but every good girl has a spice of attitude towards them.

I must say that they are improving in this area. Kelly Kelly's feud with Layla and Michelle is fierce, and Eve's previous feud with Maryse was feisty if I can say so myself. I like wrestling like that. No one likes all around goody goods when it comes to wrestling, and no matter how many people bash John Cena for being an all around goody good, at least he shows attitude to his opponents to make them step up there game.

Divas almost show no effort trying to improve and get a chance for the title. Just now has WWE been improving trying to give deserving Diva's a Title, but it's not going to work if you have the Bella Twins selling themselves out for every guest host with no character development whatsoever.

I mean If you truly think about it, women are so different than men, which results in so many different possibilities for feuds! Does it always have to be for a title? No! You can have a feud without a title!

From my research over the past months, history proves people enjoy entertainment and matches about women that don't have the titles. Matches such as the ones Stephanie Mcmahon and Trish Stratus had proves this. Grudge matches are great! Especially between women! It's a realm of possibilities! If WWE wants us to take there Diva's Division seriously, then have them compete and show dominance, effort, and the overall love of being a champion!

In conclusion, the Women's Division of the WWE can use improvements in all areas, ring performance, charisma, and most of all soul. You can be smart, sexy, and powerful, but showing no love, charisma, and the overall effort that's supposed to be in a wrestling product just defeats the purpose of being a wrestler, which currently is the problem in the Woman's Division itself.