Swagger In a Coffin: The Revenge of The Deadman at Money in The Bank?

Bryan VelosoContributor IJuly 17, 2010

In an unfortunate turn of events for this "two-article-a-week" writer, there hasn't been a lot that hasn't been said in the weeks leading to this Sunday's Money in the Bank. We've speculated with Evan Bourne, the Nexus, and the vegetation of the Undertaker—but even so, if you miss a day, you're more than likely going to be writing in redundancies.

That said, we're now 48 hours away from the next event in the WWE's new pay-per-view lineup. Once again, we have five main event matches on the card, much like Over the Limit.

But since it's Friday, let's focus on SmackDown's storyline really quickly. The Undertaker's kayfabe storyline has kept a lot of us on our seats lately. One of my first articles for the Bleacher Report was on how Undertaker's vegetative state affected Kane.

For the most part, things have turned out well for the Big Red Machine. His anger has stayed fueled; he had a slight tangent in the past few weeks, fueling the doubt in the Straight Edge Society.

Now that his eyes have turned to the All-American American, we're beginning to see some light at the end of the tunnel. The question is, how fast are we driving to it?

Here's one view.

Tonight's actions by Jack did all but prove his guilt in the case of Swagger and the Undertaker. His willingness to let his father not only get chokeslamed but tombstoned as well with little remorse is as clear a sign as Michael Cole's feeling of usefulness as being the RAW General Manager's soundboard.

So in 48 hours, we may very well see the return of the Undertaker as a number of people on the Report have alluded to. But would it be too soon? While we've had a two-week buildup of the "Swagger Did It" angle, has it been enough to bring the Deadman back?

It could be what makes tomorrow's pay-per-view memorable. 

Swagger beats Mysterio, who has been at this point, nothing more than a transitional champion. With his ankle and the loss of the World's Championship, he may finally get the surgery he was well overdue for when the Undertaker faced him after WrestleMania. Swagger would then become the World's Champion once again and the Undertaker would rise to take his revenge with the help of Kane with four weeks to go until SummerSlam.

Now, a few things could happen here, because don't forget we would also have the winner of the Money in the Bank ladder match to include. But whomever it is, they might as well be a pawn in the whole angle and hopefully the first failed MITB contract. (That contract has to fail someday.)

So Undertaker/Swagger or Undertaker/MITB Winner (if they plan to take out Swagger like Swagger took out Jericho) is looking more and more like a definite match for SummerSlam.

What do you think?