Jaromir Jagr: A Sad Farewell to My Favorite Player

ike hCorrespondent IJuly 29, 2008

Times are sad for me nowadays as a Rangers' fan. I am as dedicated as ever to my beloved team, but I am very unhappy with the way that the Jaromir Jagr debacle turned out.

Jagr, one of the greatest hockey players off all time has left the NHL to play in Russia. Jagr has many of the records for a European player and is widely considered the best European player of all time. He is a member of the exclusive 600 goal club and has won multiple Stanley Cups. He is a classy guy and a team leader.

Because of contract disputes he would not re-sign with the Rangers and instead inked a deal with Avangard Olmsk.

Think about that. One of the best players ever was shunned by his team and his league, and is now going to play in another country. The Rangers really ought to be ashamed. And it's not like he was asking for big money. He wanted one more year on his contract to secure his place on the team for an additional year. The way they dealt with him would make you think there are hundreds of Jaromir Jagrs waiting to sign with them.

I realize that I am angrier about this than most people because Jagr is by far my favorite player, but nobody can deny that this should have been handled in a more professional manner.

Jaromir, I'm gonna miss you man, but good luck in Russia.