WWE Summerslam 2010 Highlighted by Randy Orton's 'Golden Opportunity'

Ryan MichaelSenior Writer IIIJuly 20, 2010

August 15, 2010.

Mark your calendars for what might very well become a "date of destiny".

I've been very critical of the WWE's creative direction as it pertains to Randy Orton recently; but I am astonished at how quickly they have been able to put forth the motion to possibly right so many of the wrongs in the WWE Universe.

I haven't ordered a WWE PPV in months; almost a full year at this point but after watching Raw this past Monday night...

I'm seriously considering it.

Scratch that; cable-company mark me down!

$40 is a small price to pay to have the opportunity to bare witness to history.

Summerslam has a very rich tradition of being the WWE's second most important annual event; think of it as the "Wrestlemania of the summer", only this time, we may really have a serious reason to keep our eyes peeled.

But it's so much more than simply the main-event.

It's what the result of that main-event could mean to the WWE Universe.

How long has it been since the WWE championship has been the driving force behind our weekly programming?

Something more than a monthly-filler, but a centerpiece in which the height of the profession is put on full display as dreams have the potential of coming true, as the future of the industry hangs in the balance?

Wrestlemania XXIV was supposed to capture that; but while they did an admirable job of trying to build up Cena's "path to the gold"; both the rivalry and main-event itelf became more about a bitter feud between two men that not only seemed to push the WWE championship onto the back-burner, but also came across as being a "forced" storyline that we failed to see happen a year prior.

Summerslam 2010 can be different.

Where as John Cena lost his championship only a month prior to Wrestlemania after already having been champion on and off for some time before that, Randy Orton has been on the receiving end of a nine-month championship drought.

Randy Orton as a "face" hasn't tasted championship gold in almost six years!

There is an entire new angle to be explored as now after almost a decade of service, Randy Orton is ready to show the fans a side that they got a brief glimpse of back in 2004; but now with a much fresher flavor after years of main-event service and experience.

Anyone who watches Raw on Monday nights knows that when Randy Orton makes his way to the ring, the fans REALLY care.

They have a part of their night invested into catching a glimpse of the viper; but this time around, his actions can carry with them, purpose.

He won't be punching, kicking, and RKO'ing random faces that mean little more than the month on the calendar, he will be competing for the WWE's grandest prize and the opportunity to lead sports entertainment into its next evolutionary chapter.

Not just the entertainment that we HAVE seen; but for the first time in a long time, the relevance that once carried the company during its golden years.

With Summerslam 2010's main-event, we now have the potential to become recipients of more than just entertainment.

People will always tune in for the physicality, the humor, and the attraction that is pro wrestling; but what if watching Raw could mean something more?

It will always be "entertainment"; but how about adding a dose of realism?

A "creative" reason that motivates Superstars to compete?


Randy Orton CAN bring that prestige back to the WWE championship.

The entertainment won't be lost; all the while we'll be given an addition reason to have personal emotion invested in the programming.

A driving force, a center-piece, a championship, and for the first time in a long time...

A true champion.

And there could be no better stage in which to do it.

We've seen instances where the fans "wanted" so badly for Orton to become champion in the past; primarily, at Wrestlemania XXV.

And while he did manage to capture the title a month later at Backlash 2009; nothing could ever replace the opportunity lost on the industry's greatest stage.

The days in which championship dreams come true on the grandest of stages don't have to be over.

Summerslam has the rich history of delivering a similar venue in which to capitalize on the mistakes of Wrestlemania's past.

Get ready for Wrestlemania take-two.

History can be made; even in August

Summerslam can once again become more than just "another" event on the PPV calendar.

It can become...

A "date of destiny".

And while there can be no guarantees in the world of professional wrestling, I've had enough pessimism building up in me in response to month after month of disappointment to last me ten lifetimes.

For all I know, I could end up being proven wrong again; but I think it's the magic of embracing that "dream" that makes moments in wrestling history all the more worth-while.

I'm tired of pessimism; and I'm tired of disappointment.

Summerslam 2010 has reinvigorated my spirits.

And I thank the WWE so much for that.

As corny as it may sound, I dare to believe that "dreams really can come true".

I cannot wait!


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