My Take On A Few Mind Boggling Thoughts: What Are Yours, WWE Universe?

Iam D Real Deal yoSenior Writer IJuly 20, 2010

Hello, Deal-A-Lites! I am back.

The IWC consists of a bunch of die hard WWE fanatics. Even though we have a different opinion and have our own thinking process, we do at times agree with each other.

There have been many occasions where in we have ganged up as a team and agreed with each other. Whether it is cursing the PG Era, Calling Orton a Wrestling Marvel or by calling The Rock a sell out.

I too have been a part of such a group on many occasions and have been one in many to have had the same opinion as others.

However, in this article of mine I actually represent a different opinion on matters which apparently are agreed upon by many.

Yes, IWC! I indeed have had voices in my head of late and here is a result of this, save me:


Are the Overrated Stars actually Unlucky and Over-hated?

You are surprised, aren’t you?

Allow me to explain.

Let us take the example of John Cena for instance (forgetting his wrestling abilities for the time being). Now I am sure that you will agree that he is overrated by the WWE and hence got more than what he deserved.

Thus, we can call him Lucky to have to made it to the top (for the time being)

As a result he is hated for winning so many titles in such a short span of time.

But here is a question! How exactly did he become overrated?

Did Cena do anything in his own right be overrated? The answer is No!

Did he ask us guys by calling us to overrate him? Or did he pray to Jesus on Christmas to make him the most overrated wrestler?

The answer to all the questions is No!

See, the point is that the WWE Fans have no audibility when it comes to deciding the next main event player.

Just like The Miz! Many liked him and many didn’t but even those who liked him, for e.g. me, was not in favor of him being the next top shot.

Vince will push that guy in which he sees many benefits. So we have to live with this concept that as long as Vince is in command, we can’t get to see what we want to.

Now as I was saying, Cena has so many wins, accolades, titles under his belt and people have gradually started hating him for that.

But what we don’t realize is that Cena has not sucked up to Vince in any way to get them. Neither has he manipulated him to do that. It was Vince’s choice to put the belt on Cena.

He is but a cash cow who earns money for Vince and he really makes Vince rich.

What we don’t realize is that even though these guys get a lot of titles, they aren’t the sole owners of the dollars they are going to make out if it.

In fact they get a very less margin. Vince is the guy who gets the maximum benefits and all those campaigns, movies, live shows, etc., don’t pay the entire sum to the wrestlers, but just a portion of it.

The rest has to go to the Genetic Jackhammer’s bank account.

With that said, we can conclude that the wrestlers who are overrated are NOT because of their own fault, it is because Vince presents them to us that way.

It is just that those guys mask Vince’s motive and take all the fingers and curses while Vince enjoys like a King!

As I have explained that wrestlers who are overrated have nothing to do with it, we can even say that they are Unlucky.

This is because due to addition of the tag of “overrated” in front of their names that they are in the centre of abuses and are actually really unlucky to be converted to cash cows and that’s all.

They are hated by fans because of this.

We all loved Cena back in his Street Thug days and he actually was loved by the mature audience as well.

But then we started hating him when he was molded according to the kid-friendly product into a Superman!

I know that his wrestling abilities are not the best, but had he not been overrated and been a main event player who wins titles on rare occasions and makes heel turns at times, he would still be loved.

So the bottom line is this! Whether good or bad a wrestler should not be blamed for getting more than what he deserved, but it should be the chairman of the WWE who has this lust for money AKA Vince that should be the target of all our abuses, as he made them that way.

Just to prove that this is not my bias for Cena! We even have Drew McIntyre who according to me, got more than what he deserved before and hence that makes him overrated and lucky.

But, the point is that he had nothing to do with the push. He just had an Archaic Greek God’s physique and looked like a Champion.

Had he been pushed a year later, we would all be happy, for he would have gained respect from all of us.

But now many people ignore his wrestling skills and hate him for being pushed above Dolph Ziggler.

So the bottom line: Please Excuse the wrestlers guys, they were not born to be overrated but have been done so by Vince!

So if you want to hate, hate Vince and not the wrestlers, for they are just doing their jobs.


Can the Host Divas Sell?

Many here might be surprised to know this but the answer (really hard to accept) is a Yes!

I am sure that you will be shocked here as well, but then as I say, hear me out!

First, let’s just see as to what the IWC including myself have been saying about the divas division of late

The Divas are nothing but bathroom breaks, they can do no good, I have a life, I have a girlfriend/wife, so I don’t need them, and they will lead to the downfall of WWE.”

So far, we all have agreed that the Divas division is in disarray, but what we don’t realize is that they still can sell.

See, the point is that of late, the die hard and wrestling-loving fans have started turning away from the product and started focusing on the indies and on Ring Of Honor.

The number of casual fans who watch wrestling has increased.

The point to be noted is that for us, WWE was supposed to be a Wrestling Fix and for the casual fans, it is an Entertainment Fix.

The casual fans are getting entertained by these divas and hence are increasing in number, whereas we people have so much of immense love for the WWE that we still at times watch for we don’t want to give up.

Now! One more question that I have to ask is, what spell do these divas cast on our kidneys that we feel the need to go the washroom?

Seriously is there some secret which needs to be inspected by the spiritual gurus that it makes us want to go?

Or do we feel the need to go out with our girlfriends or spouses whenever we see these divas on television? Just to prove that we have a life!

Or do their looks make us hungry and we feel that we need a burger right now or else we are going to die?

The answer to all the aforementioned questions is NO!

I do agree that we have been saying that, and yes, the divas division is indeed pathetic that it deserves to be called a “bathroom break.”

But how many of us actually do what we talk here!

No offence but I am sure that 90 percent of us don’t.

We just wait there and sit for the match to get over, I know that we flip channels but we don’t do that all the time, or else how would we know as to what happened?

We mostly sit their cursing and that’s all.

So, it all comes down to this that the divas division is not much of a wrestling thing but they do attract the casual fans and in my opinion the casual fans easily out number the die hard ones who tune into something else when the divas are on.

For a casual fan, it is like you are flipping channels and Bam! You see good looking women fighting and of course start seeing them.

I do agree that it does turn people away, but all the mature fans don’t change the channel and wait for it to get over with.

The proof of my opinion is the reality itself.

I mean we all know that Vince has a special place in his heart for money. Now if the hot yet not so talented divas were a failure, then would he still go ahead with them? The answer is No!

The fact that he is still continuing with them and is still ignoring the talented ones like Gail Kim, Natalya, etc., bears testimony to the fact that no matter how much the division sucks, it surely sells and provides Vince with a lot of money.

Congratulations, Vince! You have perfected the art of being an disrespected and manipulative Winner!


Does TNA have “any” edge over WWE? 

I am sure that the world will agree with me when I say that WWE of course is better than TNA on their worst day, and I agree with this statement!

But the question is that does TNA have any edge over the WWE? Any opening, any opportunity that they can exploit to the fullest so that for once the WWE feels the need to change its thinking?

Well you will be surprised to see this, but I feel that yes, they do have an edge over the WWE.

First of all let me just say that I meant “any” edge which means that if there are like 100 points being considered here, then TNA is better in say 10 of them, and these are the important ones:

Let’s look at some of the places where TNA is better off as compared to the WWE:


They are not PG

I agree that I have been saying it myself, that PG is not the problem, it is the story lines. But I do accept that by being edgy, you do add a lot of blood, more sexiness and more violence on TV.

TNA have been misusing blood, no doubt, but still on some level it is acceptable to us and the non PG character will always make the fans hoping to see some stuff on TV that is restricted on may occasions.

The success of the Attitude Era proves that anything saucy will always be cared about.

Contrast this with WWE’s PG Era, and I am sure that one is a fan of it.

They are Un-Mined

I feel that unlike WWE, TNA actually is un-mined and hence the scope of doing new things is actually way more as compared to the WWE.

I know it will take a genius to realize this but believe me this thing can be worked out really well against the WWE, but once they do, the amount of story lines, angles possible will really make TNA un-predictable.

As for the WWE! They have a set number of stars who win; furthermore, Cena always will win, as he means money to Vince, so that can bore the fans to tears one day and gradually make them turn over to TNA for a change.

The possibilities are endless people, they just need to be intelligent and give us good storylines so that we can start loving it.

The TNA Knockouts are actually better than the WWE Divas

I don’t know if it's just me but their divas division has more to offer than the WWE’s.

First of all, they seem more talented to me as compared to the WWE Divas.

Then secondly, they are not so much into wasting and making the talented divas job to others, whereas as the WWE does.

I did say above that the WWE Divas can sell and win sell but once TNA is able to divert the attention to them, then they can easily use the divas in the best possible way to persuade us.

One more thing is that, thanks to their non-PG show, the divas can be more “spicy” themselves, whereas the WWE Divas just can’t so whether you like it or not, then actually can make you believe in them.

They are in talks with Paul Heyman and he looks bound to join TNA

I have stressed on this point myself in the past and the WWE’s creative team indeed “sucks” and if given a chance, I would like to bang their heads together for being that stupid.

As for TNA! I know that their creative guys aren’t any Einsteins either but having some one like Paul Heyman as the head can really help them in more ways than one!

The point is that Heyman knows how to deal with people and he can make Hogan and Bischoff stick to their job and work efficiently.

Secondly, he knows his wrestling and can really take all the good and wanted decisions to give us some thing good and can make us fall in love with TNA.

As the storylines are the essence, I am sure that he can do a lot for TNA!

So, with that said I can say that TNA does have an edge over the WWE in some aspects and if they are lucky enough to find a genius to realize this, they can make a castle of this ruined village.

On a side note and just for the record, WWE is way ahead than TNA and yes I am saying it. I just feel that TNA has an upper hand in some areas and if exploited well they can make us think more of them to tune in and watch the show.

This won’t make TNA beat the WWE but actually provide them with an opportunity to build themselves up as a good organization, which can make the WWE think on many occasions.

The bottom-line: TNA does have a chance, but they really will have to work their butt for this and work it like they never can imagine!

Workaholic or Class Act?

This argument strictly pertains to the WWE pushing a few not so talented guys over the talented and deserving ones!

This is not a question as such but just an explanation, you people be the judge and decide as to what you would do from Vince’s point of view.

This Sunday, The Miz won the RAW MITB match and is well on his way to entering the main event glory very soon.

But the question is, did he deserve it?

Well, you will be surprised to know that it has both the answers: yes and no!

Now, before losing your cool, hear me out!

The decision was good because The Miz had really been working his butt off for the company for the past 3-6 months.

He had been working regularly and was occupied with the tasks assigned to him by WWE all the time.

He always made appearances on those shows, campaigns. etc.

So in a way, it's good to see a man’s hard work being paid off.

One more thing that we need to realize is that to be a WWE Champion in the present day world, your in ring ability is not enough! Ask Christian, Matt Hardy, MVP if you don’t believe me.

You actually have to be a workaholic to run on errands for your company and should be ready to be on the road 24*7 to promote many events.

Gradually it’s all about the money for Vince, but the person who will be doing it for him will be rewarded, just like The Miz was.

Now let’s see as to why this decision was wrong!

Even though I am fan of his, I have no problems in accepting that his in-ring work is not the best and guys like Bourne, JoMo, and Randy Orton were indeed the highlights of the match.

Both Miz and Ted stuck to those punches while the others displayed their athletic and amazing wrestling ability to impress and with that said, they deserved a bigger opportunity.

I am not saying that The Miz is a bad wrestler, but I will surely say that The Miz was not the best.

With that said, we need to see guys with better in ring skills as the champion.

Guys whose in ring work is more impressive and those who can make the match better deserve a bigger chance.

After all the WWE is a Wrestling company first, isn’t it?

So! Now we are left with two things here to choose from!

One hand you are paying a guy for his hard work, in this case The Miz.

One the other hand, you are choosing the most impressive wrestler.

But the question is, whom would you choose?

I, putting all my bias for The Miz aside, will choose the more impressive wrestler, but that does not mean that I don’t like The Miz.

I am sensible enough to realize that others deserve a chance too, but I am happy for the Miz as well, but that’s because I am fan that’s all and not because he deserved it the most.

Guys like JoMo and Bourne were indeed the guys that I would have loved to see winning!

The final take is that we being wrestling fans first, will of course choose the second option, as we all want to see more impressive wrestling in the ring and will love to see a more deserving candidate hold the gold.

But as for WWE! Things are the other way round.

They don’t care much about the skill, they want the money and if they see Miz as a future cash cow by means of his enthusiasm displayed for the promotion of the company, publicity of the PPVs, etc.; they will stick with their decision.

We can now safely conclude WWE and the Fans are two ends that won’t necessarily meet. They want money and we want wrestling.

We can’t get both, so we have to live with it and keep hoping that one fine day the things change and this time for the good.

So what is the Bottom Line after all?

Well this has been a big write up indeed, so now the point is that what do we gather from this?

Even though I hate to say this, but as of this moment, it is all about the money for WWE.

Whether you like it or not, they will continue to shove their superstars and the term WWE Universe down our throats.

I am really sad to say this but as long as Vince is in charge, the condition won’t change at all.

I do agree that it we can surely get good storylines still but we will get them only when that storyline means money to Vince.

But I would like to say that the point here is not to lose heart!

We should actually look at the show with positives now so that we can enjoy it.

I mean there is no point crying over something that is not in our hands so let’s just sit back and enjoy and hope for the best.

I know you might feel that I preaching here, but hey I agree that nothing is impossible.

Vince is digging a grave for his company himself, and even though he is very successful now, believe me one day will come when he will have to reconsider give the fans that they want to.

I mean either it can be because TNA rises to the occasions, or the die hard fans get bored or what not!

But WWE can’t stay like this forever, so sit back and get entertained guys because the “good” days will be back for sure!

That’s all folks!

BTW! Do sign Chris O Connell’s petition to have Jim Ross call the 900th episode of RAW here

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I would like to say that as for the IWC! Let’s stick together as a group and try to make a difference. Well we have made Matt Hardy cry thanks to our love and support for him, so let’s keep trying. 

Let’s follow the formula of quality over quantity and rock this site and the IWC so that for once the WWE considers us use full enough and our words touch their heart!

That’s all I have to say guys, please do tell me what you think via your comments below!

All praise or criticism will be welcomed, but please do comment and let me know for sure!


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