Out with the Old: Pat Haden New USC Athletic Director

Jonny SAnalyst IJuly 20, 2010

Finally, some great news comes from the USC Trojan's athletic program: Mike Garrett will be dismissed as the University's Athletic Director. For many Trojans fans, this was a long time coming and a great sign that indeed USC is trying more than ever to prove they are going to run a clean program.

Mike Garrett was the AD for USC for the past 17 years but has obviously been under a lot of fire after the recent sanctions against the football and basketball programs.

Haden will begin his new AD job at USC beginning on August 3. He is a former USC and NFL quarterback whose name has been thrown around by Trojan fans and blogs for sometime now as a possible replacement for Garrett. Some fans unfamiliar with Haden might know him more for his voice than anything. He was one of the NBC college football announcers during Notre Dame games.

Haden has been a member of the USC Board of Trustees for 19 years now and is the Head of the Board's Academic Affairs. He graduated from USC with magna cum laude Honors and was a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford. 

USC could not have picked a better person to take over as the AD, and as a USC fan, I know I am speaking for most of us when I say...It's about time! Thanks, Garrett, but it is time for a new face to rule our athletic programs! This is the best news USC has received in a long time and should be positively received across the college football world.