LSU vs. USC: Interesting BCS Title Matchups (Part 1)

Trevor JohnsonCorrespondent IJuly 29, 2008

Here is the first of a five-part series.

As syndicated ESPN radio host Colin Cowherd loves to point out, the only thing that matters in sports is how interesting it is, interesting sells.  So on that note, I thought I would make a list of the most interesting possible championship games for this year’s upcoming college football season.


USC  vs. LSU

This one would be dandy. This game would not only decide the 2008 National Championship but it would also decide the decade championship. Each of these teams would be going for their third national title since the BCS began.

The winner would lay claim to the title of the most dominant team in the first decade of the millennium. Pretty cool. If you didn’t know, LSU fans and people from the state of Louisiana, generally hate USC.

Baton Rouge and Los Angeles are filled with people diabolically different from each other. LSU fans hate USC for the movie-star culture, they hate that USC thinks trendy beaches on the Pacific are better than the bayou, they hate the that USC students eat sushi and not crawfish.

They hate USC because their fans don’t go plum crazy over college football like the citizens of Louisiana do. They hate them because big in-state recruits like John David Booty and Joe McKnight left beloved Louisiana to play for the Trojans.

It disgusts LSU fans that on Saturdays, empty seats sometimes abound in the Coliseum, even though USC does nothing but win.  They don’t like it that USC has great team speed but don’t play in the SEC and they especially hate how USC degraded LSU’s BCS national championship in 2003.

It made them so mad that after USC’s national title in 2004 LSU boosters posted a huge billboard outside the campus of USC asking the question “Shouldn’t dynasties win more than one?”, at the bottom the billboard’s website is listed as:

On top of this, definitely the most hilarious and less-known fact about this whole billboard fiasco, is that these guys actually rented a mobile billboard truck that just drove around ESPN's Headquarters in Bristol, Conn. Wow! What commitment!

Besides the hate story line, it would also be an interesting coaching matchup. The riverboat gambler vs. Big Balls Pete (according to Wikipedia, this is the nickname the USC band gave Carroll because of his tendency to go for it fourth down. It’s a cool nick name even if it does come from the band).

Carroll and Miles are actually very similar. Both of these coaches love to be aggressive, both are very animated on the sideline, and both know how to play politics beautifully.

Unfortunately, I think LSU has too tough of a schedule to make it back to the title game but who knows. Maybe we could see the ultimate showdown of SEC vs. USC speed.